Dwayne “Big Daddy” Thompson—Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce: Alabaster, AL

Dwayne Thompson, a native of New Orleans came to Alabama after Hurricane Katrina rendered he and his family homeless.  He moved to Alabaster, Alabama (20 miles south of Birmingham).  He began bottling Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce after friends repeatedly urged him to do so.  His New Orleans roots gave Thompson a keen sense for food, but it was his cooking in Alabama that birthed his business as a sauce-maker and caterer.

To earn extra income, Dwayne catered private events for friends and family.  He was often complimented on the sauce and thought he should at least give the bottling of his sauce some serious thought.

In 2015, Thompson formed Big Daddy Sauces LLC.  After proper licensing and other requirements, the sauce was brought to market, showcasing the signature product Big Daddy Bomb Barbecue Sauce.

“It is a definite across-the-board sauce that’s just not stuck at waiting until you pull out your grill,” Thompson said.  Fans of the sauce repeatedly confess to putting it one everything from chicken fingers to fish to pasta.

Thompson believes of his sauce’s origin, that he, like Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, just happened to blend the right combination of herbs and spices to make it perfectly robust and very tasty.

While the sauce can be found in various markets, grocery stores and online, as well as Amazon, Thompson has not forgotten, and honors the sauce’s beginnings, exhibiting and offering tastings at farmer’s markets, and food trade shows.

Big Daddy continues to participate in national sauce competitions including American Royal-The World Series of Barbecue.  This year Thompson placed in the competition’s Top 20, at #10 out of more than 150 competitors.

It Takes Team Work To Make The Dream Work

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