Easy and satisfying Froze’ recipe

Easy and satisfying Froze’ recipe

The scorching heat might seem like a curse but if you look at it from the right angle it could also seem like a blessing. Before you angrily dismiss this page, give us a second to explain. Even thought it might be hard to bear, the heat brings the opportunity to delight in some of the best beverages that man can make. There are a lot of recipes for refreshing drinks that will effortlessly make you forget about the heat as you indulge yourself in yet another glass. The drink we have in mind for today is the Froze, e lovely combination of Rose’ wine and some handpicked ingredients. Let’s see how you can make this awesome refreshment.

What you’ll need

The ingredient list for this beverage isn’t long as it is quite a simple to make drink. You are going to need 100 ml of water and about 750 ml of Rose’. You will also need some sugar and strawberries but also lemon juice. The juice from one and a half lemons should do the trick.

Preparing the Froze’

It’s very easy to make a Froze, so here’s how it goes:

First up, you take the Rose wine and pour it all into a more accessible recipient, then it’s off into the freezer with it. You need to let it in there for at least 6 hours so that it gets as close to a solid state as it can. It won’t be perfectly solid since it has alcohol in it, but close enough should do the trick.

After that, it’s time to address the other ingredients. Melt the sugar in the water, over a fire. Once the sugar is fully dissolve, add the strawberries to the mix and continue to stir them all around in your pan for just a little bit longer. Now you’ve got a nice little strawberry syrup, or at least it’s going to resemble one after you let the strawberries infuse the syrup a bit.

The first thing you want to do with the syrup is put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes. After that, add it into the mixer alongside the lemon juice and some ice. Blend it all together until you obtain a favorable paste-like pure.

The only thing left is to bring them all together. Get the Rose out of the freezer and pour it over the syrup and mix them all together nicely. Once everything is homogenous into your mixing bowl or recipient of choice, you can pour it into a glass.

Ornate the glass to your liking, then pour the Froze’ into the glass. Once you take a sip, the only thing left is to take another one, and another one, until it’s time to make a new batch. It’s a very refreshing drink that’s also very easy to make. Even if it’s super hot outside, recipes like the ones on Le Petit Ballon can help you overcome the heat like a champ.