El Cristiano, Ultra Premium Award-Winning Tequila, Born in Jalisco, Mexico, Officially Launches With Billboard Campaigns Across Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Introducing El Cristiano, the world’s finest and additive free ultra premium tequila, made by third generation master tequila makers from the finest Jalisco Highlands Blue Agave.  El Cristiano is dedicated to producing the purist tequila with no additives – (85% of tequila today has sugars and thickeners added) – with a high focus on harvesting only mature agave aged at least five years and certain sizing through sustainable agriculture practices. By establishing this process, they have eliminated the need for additives which would change the true essence of 100% Highlands Blue Weber Agave.

El Cristiano Tequila Launches with Billboard Campaigns

Created at the Casa Tequilera Aceves. Nom 1499, their foundation and premium flavor profiles, ranging from Silver, Reposado and Anejo to Aged Anejo, Extra Aged Anejos and Extra Aged Reposados, El Cristiano also introduces an entirely new flavor category with their 11 month barrel aged Extra Reposado and unique ulta-premium 8 year aged Anejo. Using a distillation method of traditional distill pots with copper, and aging in American Oak barrels, their tequila is always additive-free and gluten-free, using sustainable practices.

TAG GLOBAL Spirits Awards has also just awarded El Cristiano’s Reposado and Anejo Black flavor profiles with their “Double Gold” accolades and their Blanco Silver named a winner in the “Silver” category.

“We believe the premium tequila drinker has been searching for ultra aged options that hold true varietal characteristics of the blue agave grown in the Jalisco region without additives. Being sourced from the finest Jalisco Highlands, and through our proprietary distillation and aging processes, giving our tequila delicious and pure taste, without sacrificing the quality and ingredients.” – Founding Team, El Cristiano  

“Familia El Cristiano.”  Conceived by an intimate group of friends with a passion for tequila and Mexico, the creators behind El Cristiano have over four decades of combined experience in the tequila industry. With their experience in collaboration with agave and tequila masters, they set on a journey to create a world-class tequila beyond anything else currently offered.

Driven to create the most delicious tequila possible, their focus is also to give back to the communities El Cristiano derives from. The communities that enable this delicious tasting tequila. Their focus with the brand is to give back to those less fortunate in these communities — the children of Arandas and the Jalisco Highlands. A percentage of every bottle is donated toward the Arandas’ orphanage, public school system and local soccer club.

The Taste Profile.” El Cristinao begins with mature agaves, (5+ years), that combine with their proprietary yeast in the fermentation process to develop earthy, yet sweet cooked agave notes, that further blend with the fruity, citrus notes inherent in Los Altos agaves. This traditional [process gives El Cristiano a naturally balanced and clean profile, with notes of caramelized agave and fruits such as pear and citrus.

“85% of all tequila brands add either sugar, flavor and color, or all of these elements, to make their tequila taste better to the customer. Our traditional process is one that has been perfected over generations with zero additives and absolutely no compromise or shortcut, with a commitment to sustainable agriculture.  We are confident that our differentiation process will resonate clearly to the consumer both in taste and quality.” – Founding Team, El Cristiano

“The Tequila.”  El Cristiano takes pride in their unique, unmatched collection offerings and tasting notes.

The Foundation varietals collection includes their signature SILVER, REPOSADO and ANEJO offerings. 

The Premium Aged varietals. Their premium aged offerings include EXTRA REPOSADO 11 months barrel aged (El Cristiano XR), EXTRA ANEJO 3 years barrel aged (El Cristiano Black), and EXTRA ANEJO 8 years barrel aged (El Cristiano 8).

“El Cristiano has created a full range of hand-selected, hand-crafted tequilas from the Highlands of Jalisco near The Village of Arandas, the finest Jalisco Highlands Blue Agave . We create this magical elixir at The Casa Tequilera Aceves, and invite you to savor the world’s most delicious tequila, made by third generation tequila makers, together with a small group of close friends and tequila lovers.” – Founding Team, El Cristiano  

El Cristiano has already developed a loyal following amongst top, well-respected Los Angeles-based restaurants and globally respected dining establishments such as Soho House, Spago, Delilah and Raspoutine as well as the highly coveted Wally’s Beverly Hills, plus new introductions into doors like Hotel Ziggy, Montrose Beverly Hills, San Vicente Bungalows, and many more.

The Founders.  

El Cristiano was born by a passionate group of tequila and liquor industry leaders, award-winning generational premium tequila makers and agave growers, and seasoned business entrepreneurs. The Founding partners include the Aceves Brothers, Nitin and Karan Khanna, Christian Navarro, plus Chris and Bill Shaffer, a duo involved with Patron’s success for over 20 years.

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With tequila set to overtake vodka in total volume in North America by the year 2030 according to ISWR, tequila is the region’s fastest growing drinks category. El Cristiano is set to innovate the ultra premium tequila market, officially launching late March 2022 in Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego) and Las Vegas markets, with distribution by Southern Wine & Spirits across Nevada, and Wine Warehouse across California. 

Their billboard campaign debuted on March 19, 2022 with over 140 billboards across these markets.  

Visit El Cristiano online at www.el-cristiano.com  and follow on social media platforms @ElCristiano

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