Eleni Saltas, an award-winning cookbook author & blogger and TV personality & contributor, has announced her new e-cookbook, “All You Can Greek: Feasting While Fasting,” which will be published April 8, 2024.


Available at www.elenisaltas.com/shop for $27 starting April 8, Saltas’ new ebook will feature 50 recipes that are rooted in Orthodox Lenten traditions, but also suitable for anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle and diet. This cookbook follows Saltas’ first cookbook “All You Can Greek: Food Life Travel,” which was self-published by Saltas in April 2019.


An excerpt from from Saltas’ “All You Can Greek: Feasting While Fasting” introduction can be found below:


[“The fastest way (pun intended) to raise eyebrows among your coworkers, friends, and even family is to mention that you’re fasting. Are you ultra religious they will wonder? Are you on the latest fad cleanse? Are you heading into surgery? None of the above?


That’s fine. This ebook is for everyone who seeks healthy lifestyle meals no matter the reason and no matter for how long. While these recipes are rooted in Orthodox Lenten traditions, their health benefits are for everyone, anytime, from carnivores to vegetarians and vegans.


For example, one of my fitness training associates is a carnivore Catholic Irishman who loves his Irish stew and Irish stout, yet he follows the Orthodox non-meat consumption fasting calendar as his guide to staying healthy year round. By doing so he is always at his best physically, mentally and even spiritually.


Fasting dishes are often crafted from humble ingredients like lentils, chickpeas, and beans that provide a rich source of protein and fiber. Fresh garden vegetables, herbs, and spices give life to those simple ingredients. Fasting periods are known among Greek speakers as nistisima when they abstain from meat, eggs, dairy products, and fish. Abstaining from wine and oil is also asked for those adhering to strict fasting guidelines, but it is not as common today as many cooks use wine and oil in their recipes.


All You Can Greek: Feasting While Fasting features 50 recipes and includes familiar staples such as fasolada, spanakorizo, yemista and traditional breads like lagana and eliopsomo. You’ll also find plenty of soups, salads, breakfast and dessert ideas.


The fastest way (there’s that pun again) to the above is to endorse and enjoy a healthy diet. Let All You Can Greek: Feasting While Fasting be your guide to good eats all year round.”]


Saltas is a weekly contributor to Recipe.TV, and her Recipe.TV show “Eleni’s Greek Odyssey” and its episode “Poseidon Adventure” was recently awarded for the “Best of Europe” category at The 15th Annual TASTE Awards in Beverly Hills last month. Saltas was also recently inducted into Greek America’s Forty Under 40: Class of 2020.


All You Can Greek: Feasting While Fasting” will be available at www.elenisaltas.com/shop for $27 starting April 8. To learn more about Eleni Saltas and her work, visit: www.elenisaltas.com.