Elmhurst Milked Bets Big On Oat

Elmhurst Milked Bets Big On OatInnovative plant milk company Elmhurst Milked™ is pleased to announce that it has entered into a new oat sourcing relationship with a well-regarded farm in Manitoba, Canada. With consumer interest in oat milk continuing to crest – leading to oat milk shortages in many markets – Elmhurst Milked has strategically forged a relationship with a producer that supplies a high quality and nutritionally robust oat. The brand is also poised to debut a new Oat Barista Edition product in fall/winter 2018.

Elmhurst’s Dr. Cheryl Mitchell is a true pioneer in the plant-based space, having developed the patented HydroRelease™ technology used to craft all of Elmhurst’s 10 varieties, including Milked Oats. The proprietary process uses water to liberate nutrients from raw grains, nuts, and seeds. These nutrients then recombine naturally to form a smooth, creamy beverage without the need for industrial chemicals and thickeners. The HydroRelease™ method allows Elmhurst Milked to use more nuts and grains per glass than leading competitors, resulting in a more healthful, nutrient-rich offering. The unique oat used by Elmhurst does not require heat stabilization, allowing Elmhurst to start with a truly raw ingredient.

Elmhurst Milked Bets Big On OatElmhurst’s new partnership will not only provide consistency in regard to sourcing but also ensure a better Milked Oats product. The type of oat that Elmhurst uses to craft its product is ideal for crafting a minimally-processed and great tasting beverage; it even foams beautifully in coffee applications. The product contains 20g of whole grains per glass and is stamped by the Oldways Whole Grains Council.

Like all of Elmhurst’s beverage products, when it comes to oats, simpler is better.

Elmhurst Milked is available at major retailers across the United States, including Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Walmart, Gelson’s, Publix and more; the product is also available for purchase nationwide at Elmhurst1925.com.