Energy in Support of the Planet? IV Beverage Launches Natural Matcha Green Teas

IV Beverage (IVB) introduces its flagship line of 14-ounce matcha green teas that fuel a longer-lasting focus without the crash or jitters.

The teas are 100% all-natural, NGMO project certified, and contain 80 milligrams of natural caffeine from matcha green tea and organic green tea leaves. They are free of gluten, dairy, gums, preservatives, carrageenan and artificial flavors or colors and come in two flavors: Original and Cacao Chai.

Both flavors are only 35 calories and lightly sweetened with four grams of organic cane sugar. Each flavor features a unique combination of water and coconut cream as its base, creating a dehydration-fighting one-two punch.

IV Beverage worked with the talented design team led by Katie Swick out of Portland, Oregon to create its Earth-inspired brand identity and visuals.

“We are proud to offer products that stand for something more. We wanted to build a brand focused on sustainability, and we look forward to pushing that limit as far as possible,” said IV Beverage CEO and co-founder Branden Yob.

IV Beverage is a proud member of 1% for the Planet in which 1% of its annual sales are donated to One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that plants one tree for every dollar earned. IVB donates an additional tree for every order made online and has partnered with EPA SmartWay affiliated freight carriers to help reduce supply-chain related carbon emissions.
About IV Beverage:
IV Beverage was created by a group of friends with a desire for adventure. It was important to not only create a brand identity that reflected a love for the outdoors, but also to establish values with the environment in mind. IVB wants to fuel your journey elsewhere, whether it’s at the office or to the top of a mountain.