European Olive, The Gourmet Product That Offers More Than 90 Preparations

With the versatile table olive, you can improvise, there are no limits, because it allows for more than ninety preparations: in tapas, appetizer, pizza, salad, sandwich… In addition, it’s tasty, versatile, sophisticated and nutritious. Its quality makes it a universal product that goes beyond European gastronomy and fits into movements such as “Slow Food” or “Mindful Eating” that claim a more comforting and healthy diet

When you serve it on an American table, you are offering much more than just-food. The European olive is a concept, a way of understanding life that has endured the gastronomic imagination. A culinary emblem linked to rural environments represents a culture, a tradition and a unique know-how that is passed on from generation to generation.


The Mediterranean Olive is extremely versatile when it comes to introducing it into a daily diet. The diversity of fascinating flavors it offers, and its pairing capacity make it the perfect ally for all kinds of ingredients, giving place to countless dishes and dressings.

In this context, few foods so small have such personality and flexibility as to successfully star in any preparation: from the simplest to the most complex. For a more elaborate recipe, or for a simple snack, you can always count on this little Mediterranean whim. It can be both the main ingredient in a dish, as well as the perfect topping for any recipe.


One of the many reasons European olives stand out is because of a huge variety offering unique flavors and aroma. Variety of olives, and a variety of ways to prepare them. The classification depends on a variety of factors, such as the fat content of the fruit, the size of the pit compared to the pulp, how easily the pit can be removed, and the general characteristics of the skin. 

Its main varieties give a lot of play in the kitchen and fit perfectly with the way of understanding the American life:

  1. To make any dish more memorable, especially stews, the variety should be Manzanilla, the most internationally appreciated for its quality and flavor.
  2. For grilled meats or roasted vegetable salads, in addition to cooking and filling, the appropriate variety is Queen (“the Beauty of Spain”). 
  3. If you are looking for the perfect pair to accompany desserts, salads, sandwiches, wraps or quesadillas, the olive is Hojiblanca.
  4. To be paired with hors d’oeuvres and spicy cheeses, the perfect variety is stuffed with peppers.

European Olive, The Gourmet Product That Offers More Than 90 Preparations

Table olives are increasingly integrated into the American diet due to its unique flavor and its ability to enhance any dish. Thanks to its variety of presentations and formats (whole, chopped, sliced, boned, pitted…) it becomes an ingredient that adapts easily, in addition to keeping you healthy because it is a natural snack. Likewise, it has the particularity of enclosing a sensory universe in the four flavors it contains (bitter, acid, sweet and salty). 

They are perfect for enhancing foods such as chicken, beef, salmon, rice, fish, quinoa, pasta, octopus, hummus, chocolate or avocado. In addition, they are available on any shelf in your trusted supermarket or local store and can be purchased in large quantities, as they can be stored easily.

Here you can find elaborations with European olives that will blow your taste buds: