Every Time A Bell Rings (Cocktail)

Created By: Chris Vivic, Bar Manager of Band of Bohemia in Chicago.

Description: A savory cocktail accompanied with fresh orange slices, Clove’d Black Tea plus a McCormick Culinary® Chinese Five Spice and Vanilla Syrup, Every Time a Bell Rings has 5x the flavor, making it 5x the perfect addition to your refreshments menu. Don’t forget the McCormick Culinary ® Whole Cloves and McCormick Culinary ® Cinnamon Sticks for that extra bold touch.

Yield: 4 Servings

Every Time A Bell Rings (Cocktail)











Chinese Five Spice and Vanilla Syrup:
25 grams McCormick Culinary ® Chinese Five Spice
5 grams McCormick Culinary ® Pure Vanilla Extract
1 liter Water
1000 grams Sugar

Clove’d Black Tea
1. 10 grams McCormick Culinary® Whole Cloves
2. 5 grams Black Tea
3. 8 ounces Water

Every Time A Bell Rings Cocktail
4 ounces McCormick Culinary® Chinese Five Spice
2 ounces Lemon juice, freshly squeezed
2 ounces Gin
4 ounces Cognac
6 ounces Clove’d black tea

1 each Orange, peeled
4 eaches McCormick Culinary® Whole Cloves
4 eaches McCormick Culinary® Cinnamon Sticks


For the Chinese Five Spice and Vanilla Syrup:

1. Add McCormick Culinary® Chinese Five Spice (25 grams) and water to pot.
2. Bring pot to a boil then reduce to a simmer for 10 minutes.
3. Allow liquid to cool then strain solids through cheesecloth.
4. Add sugar and McCormick Culinary® Pure Vanilla Extract to strained mixture.
5. Whisk until fully dissolved.

For the Clove’d Black Tea:

Add McCormick Culinary® Whole Cloves and tea to tea pot.
Add hot water boiled at 195 degrees Fahrenheit.
Allow to steep for 3 minutes and strain.

For Every Time A Bell Rings Cocktail:

1. Add all the ingredients to tea kettle.
2. Heat to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

 For Assembly:
1.   Pour cocktail into tea cups.
2. Peel four length of peels from the orange using a y-peeler.
3. Take 4 McCormick Culinary® Whole Cloves per orange swatch and push them through the peel.     Rest on the edge of tea cup.
4. Place a whole McCormick Culinary® Cinnamon Stick into the cup after the drink has been heated.
Take a small cigar torch and char it until it’s red hot and smoking.

Serve cocktail.
Every Time A Bell Rings (Cocktail)










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