First-ever shark cage wine-tasting on ‘WINERAM Australia’

First-ever shark cage wine-tasting on ‘WINERAM Australia’The latest episode of WINERAM Productions’ WINERAM Australia series, in which the filmmakers successfully completed the world’s first documented shark cage wine tasting, is now available on Hulu and Hulu Plus.

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  • WINERAM Australia is a documentary series that aims to open up the world of wine to Generation Y while breaking down ill-conceived misconceptions of an industry that is chock-full of passion, art, science, history and amazing lifestyle experiences.
  • This seventh episode focuses on Colin’s trip back to Clare Valley, South Australia where he visits with the awarded “Young Winemaker of The Year” Tom Barry at the longstanding Jim Barry Wines, in the heart of Riesling country. Riesling has always been a wine that has been misunderstood and so the two of them explore Clare’s best Rieslings and decide that it is the “GREAT WHITE” wine of Australia and they decide to bring the great white wine to another GREAT WHITE in South Australia.
  • This leads them to go out with Adventure Bay Charters for shark cage dives with plastic wrap and camel-packs full of Clare Valley Riesling. Two different five-meter Great White Sharks pass only feet from them in the cage tasting the Clare Valley Riesling.
  • It is safe to say they pulled off the world’s first shark cage wine tasting.

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