Five Health Food Trends Expected in 2019

Five Health Food Trends Expected in 2019Year after year, experts and chefs in the health food and restaurant industries are seeing an increased demand from diners for more clean and wholesome options. We’ve seen avocado toasts sweep menus across the country, kale and other leafy greens taking a star-role in dishes, quinoa growing to be almost as popular as rice, and more. As the health-minded revolution continues to gain momentum, we are seeing that superfoods continue to dominate the market and predict that these five lesser-utilized ingredients will be the next trends in the spotlight in 2019.

Fonio is a rare West African, gluten-free grain that has a nutty aroma and mild flavor. The naturally vegan grain is rich in vitamins, and is best described as a cross between couscous and quinoa. It also contains essential amino acids methionine and cystine, and has about 12 grams of protein per cup. We plan to include Fonio in Cultivation Kitchen’s Mezzed Up Salad which utilizes this ancient African grain, heritage greens, cucumber-tomato mango relish, roasted corn & black bean succotash and root vegetables chips. This spin on a classic wellness salad is fiber-soluble, is plant based, gut-healthy – a blast of goodness! Soluble fiber is great for your gut and overall health as it can help reduce your risk of heart disease by lowering “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and can help balance one’s blood sugar levels.

Plant-based foods will continue to rise as consumers are constantly incorporating them into their daily diets. Additionally, more and more consumers are opting for different dieting styles, moving from vegetarian to flexitarian to keto and paleo. All of our dishes at Cultivation Kitchen start as plant-based, and guests have the option to add various ingredients that are high in protein such as organic non-gmo tofu, Fonio, quinoa, Japanese sweet potatoes, chia seeds, and more.

Gut-healthy foods continue to be relevant. Studies show that a healthy gut is the foundation to overall wellness. Many eateries that focus on nutritional and organic foods believe that what people put in their bodies, affects their overall health and happiness. Therefore, consumers are increasingly turning to products that are rich in probiotics (good bacteria), which can be found in kombucha, fermented foods, and more.

Natural sweeteners continue to take precedence over artificial sweeteners. Overall, consumers are eliminating sugar from their diets or switching to alternate natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, and stevia. We use fresh fruits and vegetables to sweeten our smoothies and bowls at Cultivation Kitchen.

Regional flavors will continue to grow due to mass globalization, which is the ability to provide access to new ingredients including heritage-based options from all across the world. At Cultivation Kitchen, we strive to provide our guests with ingredients sourced from local farmers and purveyors as much as possible.

About Executive Chef of Cultivation Kitchen, Joshua Korn

Five Health Food Trends Expected in 2019Joshua Korn, Executive Chef at Cultivation Kitchen, has an extensive culinary & business background. A graduate of the renowned Culinary Institute of America, Chef Korn has years of experience working in New York’s toniest restaurants like Blue Fin, Louis XVI, Tribeca Grill, Heartbeat to name a few. Chef Korn is passionate about healthy cooking techniques and wellness. As CEO of Culimetrics Restaurant Consulting Group, SIE Culinary Management Group, and now an Executive Chef and Operating Partner of Cultivation Kitchen, Chef Korn is disrupting the fast-casual food industry by providing a new, healthy, and organic approach to eating well at his latest Southern California restaurant, Cultivation Kitchen.

About Cultivation Kitchen

Cultivation Kitchen is a fresh fast-casual concept focused on a picked-with-a-purpose ingredient philosophy, offering healthy, organic, and locally sourced dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an iconic environment. From the food and drink offerings to the innovative design and aesthetic, this concept provides guests with a natural and unique experience. Cultivation Kitchen’s environment will encourage gathering and socializing in order to strengthen the human connection. The restaurant is located at 350 S. Anaheim Blvd. at Farmers Park adjacent to the lauded Packing House. For more information, please visit