Five Key Areas to Consider When Branding Your Restaurant

As with most businesses, branding is a vital part of a restaurant venture. It’s often the first thing that people see and striking branding can be the difference between a customer choosing you or your competitors.

Mastering Restaurant Branding: Five Crucial Components

If you’re starting your first restaurant from scratch or you’re rebranding, below we dive into some of the key areas you should be considering when it comes to creating your brand.

The concept

First and foremost, your restaurant should have a concept that underpins everything else. Perhaps you’re going to serve the finest Neapolitan pizza in your local area, or you want to introduce a new twist on an old classic. Or maybe you want to rewrite the rule book altogether?

Whatever your idea and concept, this should drive all other areas of your branding – so start with this first. You may have a name in mind for your concept already, if not, it should come to you eventually.

Your menu

Once the concept is firmly in place, you can start to plan your menu.

You may think, what has this got to do with branding? But, just like the concept, your menu is one of the first touchpoints prospective consumers will encounter and thus it should showcase everything you want it to convey about your establishment.

Great restaurants have a menu that’s been carefully constructed to entice customers in and to provide an unforgettable experience.

Logo and design

To further support the concept, names, logos and designs are significant in creating a place that people can connect with on a personal level.

Exterior design and your logo will play a key role in getting people through the door, whilst interior design and concurrent branding throughout will go a long way to making the experience as good as it can be and increasing customer satisfaction.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to do something because someone else has – find the look and style that’s right for your restaurant. It could simply be your name, or perhaps a logo could have a symbolic meaning to you and your customers.

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Staff appearance

Your staff will be a fundamental part of your restaurant operation and the way they present themselves should also be a key consideration in your branding.

The clothing your staff wear to work should be in keeping with the environment and atmosphere you are trying to create. Branded uniforms or accessories are always a nice touch and customers tend to appreciate the little details when trying new restaurants.

Digital presence

Having an online presence is now a fundamental part of running a restaurant business. Even if you aren’t delivering food, having a website and promoting through social media can be an effective way to reach new customers in the local area or people who will be visiting.

Ensure your branding is consistent across digital platforms and get your Google Business account set up so you can be seen on local listings. Include key information such as whether customers need to book and your opening times so it minimises confusion.