FOH® third division, FOH Health Essentials™ provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) during US shortage

FOH®, a global company with dual brands, Front of the House® and room360° by FOH®, has just announced the launch of its third division, FOH Health Essentials™. In the wake of this unprecedented hit to the hospitality and foodservice industries, founders Simone Mayer and Mayda Perez immediately focused their entrepreneurial strengths towards finding an industry and community solution.

Hand in hand with the FOH® R&D offices, which include in-house product development, engineering, and logistics, FOH® focused on providing urgent solutions. “As a minority and family-owned business, we are also facing hardship from this crisis. As an organization that is known to pivot quickly to meet our customer’s needs, it was apparent early on that our design, manufacturing, and logistics knowledge could make a difference for many”. Launching FOH Health Essentials™ brings immediate and lasting benefits to our customers and the people they serve,” says Simone Mayer, CEO of FOH®.

FOH Health Essentials™ offers a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s), including disposable face masks, gowns, thermometers, gloves, and much more to our partners in need. These PPE’s are stocked in their domestic distribution centers for immediate shipping. PPE shortages are currently posing a tremendous challenge to the US. Organizations searching for solutions have been taken advantage of by unregistered companies with uncertified products casting a shadow over the sourcing of these products. FOH Health Essentials™ manage the logistics for airfreight and container loads direct to customers in need and at their South Florida and California distribution centers for speedy delivery time. FOH® is committed to providing our partners with products to ensure they can continue serving their communities safely.

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About FOH®

FOH® established in 2002; FOH Health Essentials™, Front of the House® and room360˚ by FOH® are divisions of FOH®, a global brand. Front of the House®, is a respected designer and manufacturer of trend-forward commercial grade serving solutions for the restaurant and hospitality industries worldwide. room360° by FOH®, is a premiere designer and manufacturer of stylish in-room accessories for the finest hotels, spas, and design firms worldwide.