Follow these steps to create great employer branding content

An employer brand is something that is an essential part of not only hiring great people but also humanizing and telling your business’s story to anybody that is internal or external.


This means telling your story to attract talent as well as telling your story to your current employees for employee engagement. It is about shining a light to future hires and customers on who the people are behind the product.


Content is what feeds the engine. Without employers having meaningful content, it’s harder for candidates to be attracted to a business. It is also difficult for your current workforce to stay engaged and connected. Put simply, without content, you can not tell your story!


So what are the steps you need to take to achieve meaningful and successful employer branding content?


Develop your content strategy


The first step in creating employer branding content is figuring out what kind of content will resonate with your audience. This involves doing some research and starting discussions with your current workforce. You want to ask them questions about their interests. What do they do outside of work? What is important to them? By gathering information like this, you are able to develop the kind of content that will attract talent that will succeed in your business. 


Mix up your content


The top forms of content to showcase your employer brand are:


Blog posts: These need to be concise and make key points early on to keep talent engaged.


Photography: When it comes to photography, people remember images six times easier than text! So it is essential to add really nice, humanizing images in blog posts when you can. Visuals can be really powerful and can help to give people an inside look into your workforce.


Video: Video content is usually the best choice as it’s really accessible on all platforms and gives people an experience like they’re right there. It’s also the most consumed type of content on the internet so if you want to increase conversation and exposure, video is a must.




Stories are the most powerful tool to engage the human brain. The best and most effective way to attract candidates is to showcase employee stories. This is a best practice in the employer branding industry. Quotes and office photography are great, and they’re important as they get potential candidates to picture themselves in the workplace, but stories leave a lasting impression which makes you more memorable as a company.


Employee-generated content


Your best employer brand ambassadors are your employees. They are the most trusted source of truth about how your company works. If you want to tell the story of your company, they are your best storytellers. Encourage them to share a compelling story about your company and help you recruit top talent. 


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