Foodgod Launches Oreo Cookie Pop by Snack Pop At Winter Fancy Food Show

SNAX-Sational Brands’ Snack Pop introduces OREO Cookie Pop as the newest addition to its successful and growing product line of popcorn licensee partnerships, which will first be available exclusively at Sam’s Club nationwide Feb 1, 2020, launching January 21, 2020 in select stores, followed by E-Commerce ( and more retailers to be announced. Other varieties in the popular, low-calorie, candy and cookie-coated line have included Mrs. Fields Cookie Pop, Butterfinger Candy Pop and Twix Candy Pop. OREO, the world’s number one cookie, will take over as the premiere Cookie Pop brand for 2020 after much anticipation. In addition, the brand also showed a FIRST preview of M&M Candy Pop, Snickers Candy Pop and Chips Ahoy Cookie Pop for buyers at booth #6473.

The OREO-flavored popcorn is made 100% in the U.S. with non-GMO corn, is low in sodium and only 150 calories per serving. It will be available nationwide at Sam’s Club in party size 20-ounce bags for $5.98 as of February 1, 2020. Retailers at the 2020 Fancy Food Show will have the option to place orders for this new, incredible food offering from SNAX-Sational Brands.

To celebrate the official launch of OREO Cookie Pop, notable personality (Keeping Up With The Kardashians) and world recognized social media food influencer Foodgod (@Foodgod) made an appearance at the SNAX-Sational Brands’ booth on Monday, January 20th from 1pm-3pm.
“Oreo cookies and popcorn is one of the most incredible mashups in town. Just wow. This popcorn is next level.”
– Foodgod

“Consumers and moviegoers have always loved snacking on their favorite cookies and candies along with popcorn for a fun treat. Snack Pop offers an innovative popcorn snack product line offering a delicious sweet and savory combo, combining that cookie or candy and popcorn flavor in one. Snack Pop continues to revolutionize the snacking experience with the new flavor introductions such as OREO and TWIX.” – Adam Cohen, CMO of SNAX-Sational Brands.

“We are very excited to continue to bring the most iconic brand names in the world to consumers through Snack Pop, such as the launch of OREO Cookie Pop, the debut of M&M Candy Pop and Chips Ahoy Cookie Pop, under our SNAX-Sational umbrella. We are thrilled over the anticipation for OREO Cookie Pop, the continued success of Snack Pop, and our first candy partner, Butterfinger Candy Pop.” – Frank Florio, President, COO and Co-Founder of SNAX-Sational Brands.

“We are so thrilled to continue to roll out products within our Pasta Snacks and Snack Pop brand umbrellas. We take pride in low calorie offerings. From our Gluten Free Penne Straws to our Disney Bow-Tie Minis to our Cookie and Candy Pop product varieties, we offer an innovative snacking alternative in the market.” – Jerry Bello, SNAX-Sational Brands CEO and Co-Founder.

Additionally, through partnerships with the brand’s SNACKGiving platform, and alliances with talent notables such as Wendy Williams, Snack Pop and Pasta Snacks continue to gain notoriety, serving celebrities like Foodgod, Jerry O’Connell, David Arquette, Lance Bass, Ashlee Simpson Ross, Kate Bosworth, Brandi Cyrus, Mario Lopez, Tori Spelling, Audrina Patridge, and many, many more at top events, movie premieres and film festivals year round, as the favorite popcorn and snacks of Hollywood.

About Snack Pop: The original concept for Cookie Pop came about in 2015 when founder Frank Florio started putting Oreos on popcorn at his home in New Jersey. He immediately realized that the combination of cookies and popcorn was a winner. After a year of development, Florio and his team had perfected the recipe for the first commercialized cookie covered popcorn. The brand debuted its innovative flavored popcorn at Expo West, the annual retailer trade show in Anaheim, California in 2016, at which Cookie Pop became an instant hit. Since then it has been picked up by thousands of retail locations. Snack Pop is currently under the SNAX-Sational Brands group umbrella, which consists of Snack Pop and Pasta Snacks. Jerry Bello, respected food industry entrepreneur is CEO of the SNAX-Sational Brands Group which he formulated in 2019. They initially offered two flavors in Cookie Pop, and their spin off Candy Pop launched in 2017 with their first flavor Butterfinger and in November 2019 they launched their second candy coated flavor exclusively at Sam’s Club TWIX Candy Pop. OREO will debut February 2020, with new varieties continuing to roll out. | Follow @EatSnackPop #TwixCandyPop #ButterfingerCandyPop #OreoCookiePop

About Pasta Snacks: Founded by CEO and successful snack food entrepreneur Jerry Bello, the Vintage Italia brand, (parent company to the Better-for-you snacks), originally launched with Pasta Chips, followed by Bow Ties, and has grown in sales almost 200% over the past year. The low calorie snacks are a gently baked, healthy snack option, made with semolina flour and italian herbs, for a delicious taste combination. Pasta Bow Ties are cholesterol-free and contain 60% less fat than potato chips, and 20% less fat than pita chips. The Tuscan inspired chips feature different seasoning based on regional Italian favorites. All non-GMO Project verified, OUD Kosher certified. Available at top food retailers like Safeway, Albertsons, Shaws, Mariano’s, Market Basket, 7-11 and more. | Follow @EatPastaSnacks #disneybowtieminis

About SNAX-Sational Brands Group:
SNAX-Sational Brands includes the Pasta Snacks line of Disney Mini BowTies and BowTie Puffs , Gluten Free PENNE Straws and Pasta Chips, and the Snack Pop line consisting of Cookie Pop and Candy Pop. SNAX-Sational Brands Group the parent company of both Pasta Snacks and Snack Pop, founded in 2019 to merge the two low-calorie snack brands under one umbrella, under CEO Jerry Bello. They also launched their charity platform in conjunction with the 2019 merger. To find out more, visit and for more information on the SNACKGiving platform, please visit