Foods to Enjoy at Horse Racing Events

The action on the track is just part of the appeal when you visit a top horse racing event like the Kentucky Derby or the Breeders’ Cup, with the food another of the big attractions.

What food can you expect to enjoy when you make a visit to one of the top American racetracks?

Convenient Snacks

If you want to concentrate on the races and track any changes in the latest odds, you might prefer to look for snacks rather than sit down for a full meal. The most convenient racetrack food includes things like sandwiches and burgers that allow you eat without missing any of the action.

Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky offers its famous burgoo stew. This is a wholesome snack that includes the likes of savory meat, peas, carrots, and potatoes. You will also find a variety of sandwiches and other food that is easy to eat without taking up too much of your attention.

Del Mar in California is the setting for the Breeders’ Cup 2021, and it has a variety of food options for you to choose from. These include a burger and fries outlet as well as carved sandwiches and pizzas. You won’t be short of options here and don’t have to stray too far from the trackside to find them.

If you visit the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, you can expect to see options such as BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. You can find recipes online to help you recreate the most famous Kentucky Derby foods at home whenever you want to.

Ice Cream and Drinks

With many of the top American horse races taking place in warm weather, it is no wonder that ice cream sundaes and cool drinks are among the most popular treats that racing fans look for. There are plenty of ways to get refreshed as you watch the big races taking place.

The mint julep is the classic drink of the Kentucky Derby. This iconic drink has been served at Churchill Downs for decades and over 100,000 of them are drunk in just a couple of days here.

Del Mar in California has a great selection of ice creams to help you cool off on a warm day of racing. The big racetracks all have their own specialties, and if you go Belmont Park you should look out for the Belmont jewel, which has become the official drink of the Belmont Stakes in recent years.

Luxury Dining

For many racegoers, the Triple Crown, the Breeders’ Cup and other major races are among the most exciting social events of the years. You can visit to find the latest news about these events. This is why they are happy paying for a ticket that include luxury dining or making a reservation in one of the racetrack’s restaurants.

All of the major American racetracks have quality restaurants in them, where you can watch the horses in action while enjoying some top-class food in a relaxed setting.

These are typically places that require a reservation, such as the trackside Il Palio at Del Mar and Mat Winn’s Steakhouse at Churchill Downs. This is the most elegant and expensive dining option at each venue, giving you a different choice from the simpler foods we looked at earlier.

Enjoy a Big Event in the Way That Suits You

This wide variety of options means that there is a way of enjoying racetrack food that suits every type of personality. You just need to look for something that suits your style and is going to add some extra pleasure to the day’s events.

Choose the right type of food and this will be one of the most memorable parts of the day