Foodservice launches CRYSTAL LIGHT  Peach Bellini Mocktails

Foodservice is excited to announce the launch of CRYSTAL LIGHT Peach Bellini, a new guilt-free 5-calorie flavor, to the already successful mocktail family of premium low-calorie drink mixes. The mocktail portfolio, which now includes Peach Bellini, Margarita and Appletini, offers the excitement of on-trend flavors and the profitability of a low-cost, high-impact brand.

As mocktail menu mentions approach 10%[1] <#_ftn1>  and better-for-you beverages grow, new CRYSTAL LIGHT Peach Bellini joins Margarita and Appletini drink mixes for another deliciously easy way to expand the beverage business. Offering slimmed-down versions of traditional cocktails appeals to the calorie-conscious crowd while providing an added element of flavor and excitement to a meal.

According to Mintel Menu Insights, “skinny” did not appear as a cocktail menu claim less than four years ago. Now, 110 items hold a nutritional or “skinny” menu claim[2] <#_ftn2>  and sugar-free beverage sales have more than doubled over the last decade.[3] <#_ftn3> As the majority (61%) of Americans[4] <#_ftn4>  and nearly a third (29%) of consumers say they enjoy trying new and unique beverages, operators can build their credibility and bottom line by leveraging trending flavors with more creative beverage offerings such as CRYSTAL LIGHT Peach Bellini mocktail. “Innovative operators are creating value by crafting new and unique beverages including specialty lemonades, handmade sodas and mocktails that are uniquely flavorful, fresh and a better-for-you option,” says Darren Tristano, executive vice president of Technomic.[5] <#_ftn5>

CRYSTAL LIGHT Peach Bellini mocktail is a refreshing, delicious beverage option that offers high value and minimal labor. Each package of powder makes one gallon and eliminates common prep work like peeling, straining and squeezing fruit. As a nationally recognized brand that patrons trust to deliver consistent quality and great taste, CRYSTAL LIGHT Peach Bellini mocktail offers a great opportunity to grow within the low-calorie beverage market.

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CRYSTAL LIGHT is the #1 brand of sugar-free powdered soft drinks and boasts a 93% aided brand awareness.[6] <#_ftn6>  CRYSTAL LIGHT is part of Kraft Foodservice, a division of Kraft Foods Group, Inc., and has been proudly serving the foodservice industry for over 100 years.

Kraft Foodservice is a division of Kraft Foods Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: KRFT), North America’s fourth largest consumer packaged food and beverage company. Kraft Foodservice provides a diverse portfolio of brands, marketing and sales expertise and resources to the U.S. foodservice industry. Visit <>  for more information.

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