Forno de Minas Expands U.S. Distribution of Famed Brazilian Pão de Queijo This Month at 200 Walmart Stores Coast to Coast

Forno de Minas Expands U.S. Distribution of Famed Brazilian Pão de Queijo This Month at 200 Walmart Stores Coast to CoastThis month, Forno de Minas—the international brand behind the authentic “Brazilian bites for cheese lovers” created in Brazil’s heartland—is continuing its expansion to the U.S. market with distribution of its gluten free, mouth-watering Pão de Queijo at Walmart, the world’s leading retailer.

Beginning Nov. 19. Forno’s Pão de Queijo will be available at 200 Walmart stores across the nation—including stores in California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah—delivering its savory treat to 80 percent of the U.S. territory at more than 2,400 points of sale.

Fully baked and only a five-minute prep in your oven, Forno’s Pão de Queijo is an easily prepared versatile offering that serves as a snack, a breakfast item, a party plate, a side dish and even a dessert pairing. In addition, Forno’s Pão de Queijo is a favorite of health-conscious consumers, as the cheese rolls are all-natural, gluten-free, allergen-friendly and yeast-free.

“We are incredibly excited to be a part of the Walmart family, whose stores reach homes from coast to coast in the United States,” said Forno de Minas Marketing Manager Tamyres Romano. “And because Pão de Queijo has been a favorite of Brazilians for three decades, we’re excited to share this authentic Brazilian delicacy with U.S. consumers, who can enjoy it at any time of day.”

The creation of Brazilian matriarch “Dona” Dalva, this homemade cheese roll features a signature fluffy texture made with locally sourced eggs, milk, Brazilian specialty cheese and cassava (tapioca or “manioc”). Started as an easy-prep delight for family and friends, it quickly became the go-to snack food for millions of consumers throughout Brazil.

U.S. consumers will find Forno’s delicious Pão de Queijo in Walmart’s in the frozen bread and pasta aisle at the economical price of $3.47. To learn more about the company’s nearly three decades of history, please visit; and to locate Pão de Queijo in your neighborhood, click here.

About Forno De Minas

For decades, “Dona” Dalva delighted her family with the Pão de Queijo she baked at home in Brazil. This inspired her to share her delicacy with others, and in 1990 she launched Forno de Minas, a family-owned company she runs jointly to this day with her children. Operating in the United States since 2014, Forno’s is the pioneer producer of frozen Pão de Queijo and exports to countries around the world. Forno de Minas’ Pão de Queijo is available in grocery retailers, movie theaters and restaurants throughout the United States.