Fresh, Hot and Delicious Food for People on the Go

Nomadic Capital Limited Places Their First Automat Offering Fresh, Hot and Delicious Food for People on the Go

All you Need to Know about Gourmet Stop!

Revolutionizing the concept of vending machine food, Nomadic Capital Limited has placed their first Automat at Gourmet Stop, which offers affordability and speed, with bold flavors, seasonal ingredients, and hearty portions.


“There are food ventures and there are excellent good ventures; Gourmet Stop belongs to the latter category!”

Fresh, Hot and Delicious Food for People on the GoNo doubt there are hundreds of names and brands that are into providing ready to eat or ready to serve food to millions of customers every day, but there are only a handful of them that are quite successful in this field.

When it comes to trusting names that are into the making of food, people turn quite skeptical. After all, you can’t visit the kitchen of the food makers and find out about the way the vegetables are cut, the spices are used and the way different dishes are made.

Almost all the food providing names ensure that they promise to serve you with hassle free food, which is not only delicious, but also fresh.

But is the food really fresh? Can you trust in the name of the food making company? Do you think the chefs in the kitchen are food enough to prepare fresh food according to your taste? Are you sure about eating outside food, regularly?

We live in a world where even fruits and vegetables are being chemically grown, how can you trust in the name of all those food making companies, which don’t even share their kitchen pictures and secret recipes with you?

This is exactly where we land into your life.

Dubai is one of those locations that are popular for their cuisines. The best part about living in Dubai is that you don’t get to enjoy just one type of cuisine; there are different types of gourmet that you can enjoy here. All you need to do is find some of the best food making companies that have the best chefs in town and the most effective preservation techniques for their delicious and hot food.

Considering the importance of money in life, you can’t expect your partner to cook regularly for you, if she is a working woman. If she is not a stay-at-home wife or mother, you have got to ensure that she gets proper rest too, just like you need it after returning from work. On the other hand, you too can’t be at home or cook after returning from work. Under such circumstances, you either hire a cook, who turns out to be quite expensive for you, or simply eat outside food.

Fresh, Hot and Delicious Food for People on the GoBut for how long can you survive on restaurants and food stalls?

This is where we, Gourmet Stop, come into the picture for you. It doesn’t matter if your partner cooks for you or not, all that matters is that you get fresh and hot meals right when you are hungry. Starving for longer durations can actually kill your hunger and hence, we have come up with the concept of quick or on the go food availability for you.

Need to know everything about us? Read below to find out:

About Us

Gourmet Stop wishes to prove itself as your one stop destination for all your fresh food cravings and needs. The first thing that the company did was get into the research work in the market. The team of founders of Gourmet Stop closely observed the needs and demands of all those individuals, who either like eating outside food or are forced to dwell on it, are rapidly growing.

The team of founders found out that in order to meet the daily expenses of life, even women have started working in corporates or different organizations, due to which they can’t be expected to return home and get into the daily chores as well. Those, who returned home and still worked or cooked food for their families, are unable to rest, even after spending tiring days at work.

This is exactly where Gourmet Stop wished to step into – for all those men and women, who either like eating outside food (but end up eating too much of unhealthy and unhygienic food from the restaurants or food stalls) or are unable to eat home cooked meals due to their professional lives.

After months of research, our team finally came up with the concept of THE AUTOMAT, which is not a normal vending machine; we call it as The Food Machine.

Gone are the days when people couldn’t trust the food provided by vending machines, now, most of the individuals are readily accepting Food Machines, which provide them with high quality fresh food, which is absolutely tongue delighting and healthy.

About Automat:

Automat is a food providing vending machine, which is installed to benefit all those individuals, who like or have to depend upon outside food.

Following are the top features of this machine, which every individual must know, before trying its food:

  • It provides quick meals to larger population: The best thing about this food machine is that it provides larger population with good amount of food. As soon as the fresh food is put inside the machine, it is ready to be sold to a larger group of customers. The access is granted to a larger customer base. The good is sold in a few hours itself to all those, who wish to enjoy delicious food.
  • It can store food for longer durations: There are machines that don’t store food for longer hours; we have ensured that this machine stores all the dishes for a long period of time. As soon as the food items are placed inside The Automat, it starts working to keep it fresh. There is no need for you to be worried about the freshness and deliciousness of the food items placed inside this machine, for we have created something that would always give the best cuisine to you.
  • A larger volume of food can be stored for a longer period of time: While some of the food machines are small and compact, The Automat ensures that larger number of dishes is stored inside of it. It can store up to 64 dishes through eight different rows. This proves that a lot of people can depend upon this machine to meet their food cravings.
  • No expenses need to be made on man power: If you think you need people to serve food to you, the good news is that you don’t. If you are planning to sell food items to different people, it is time for you to buy The Automat and use it for your own business. It allows you to save a lot of money on manpower. The only thing for which you need humans is to cook the food for your business. When you have cooks or chefs under you, you can get the food made and then keep it in The Automat to preserve it for longer durations or till the time people buy it.
  • The food served is extremely fresh and delicious: A lot of people believe that vending machines are not good, when it comes to buying food. The moment you eat the food from The Automat, you realize that there is a big difference between the food from other vending machines and the food from this one. The Automat promises to provide you with fresh food. It makes sure that you get the most amazing food for yourself so that you don’t have to linger to different places to suffice your hunger.

How Are We Different?

This is not something that we say; this is something that our customers say already. No doubt we are new in the market, but our customers have accepted us whole heartedly.

At first, we were quite skeptical about providing our services to our customers; we already have a lot of competition in the market and to be honest, we did not want to be an added competition. For us, this is not just mere business; we want to make sure that fresh and delicious food is served to all those, who wish to survive on good food.

However, along with time, customers accepted our services and have already started filling their bellies with our delicacies. For us, all that matters is that the hunger in the stomachs of different people is replaced by our good food. The moment the stomachs are filled with fresh food sold by our team, we are relieved.

This is exactly what makes us different than the rest of our competitors. In simple words, we don’t compete; we want to be the first name on the tip of your tongue, when you are hungry and want delicious food for yourself.

We believe in the saying – when we compete, we are always in the race of doing better; when we do good deeds for the others around us, we already do our best.

Thus, from day one, we have been doing our best to provide each and every individual with the most amazing, fresh and hygienically cooked food. The moment you eat the first bite of the food taken from The Automat, you feel like you are eating a nicely made home cooked meal.

Why Us?

This is perhaps something that’s running in your mind right now – why us; when there are so many companies that are cooking different delicacies for you and keeping them in the vending machines for food?

Here are the top five reasons that make you understand why we tell you to pick us up from the list of our competitors:

  • Because we understand the meaning of ‘hygiene.’ We are not at all worried about inspections; it doesn’t matter if we cook the food or you cook it yourself for your customers, hygiene is something that we focus on. Even while feeding the dishes in The Automat, we ensure that the machine is completely neat and clean so that you don’t end up paying for ‘stinking food.’
  • Our meals are quite affordable, unlike the meals available in other vending machines. There are different meal vending machines in Dubai, but we have ensured to provide you good food at affordable rates. It doesn’t matter if you work as a CEO in some organization or are at an ordinary position, all that matters is that you get nice food at a cheaper price. We don’t keep different rates for our customers; for us, all are alike.
  • Don’t be worried about the quality of the vegetables or spices we use to prepare your meals; we ensure that the quality of all the items that we use is good enough for you.
  • The Automat vending machine is cleaned after proper time intervals to give you fresh clean food all the time.

Fresh, Hot and Delicious Food for People on the GoWhy Are People Accepting Us?

There are a lot of people in Dubai who can’t do justice to their jobs, because they have to go back home and cook; the cooking stress eats them. On the other hand, there are also people, who have to work hard to pay to their cooks or servants at home, so that they get food in their hands whenever they reach home. There are also a handful of people who depend upon outside food, all the time.

But do you think it is good to eat junk food? You see all those newspapers and news on internet – you would surely find a lot of things related against junk food. This is one of the reasons why people have accepted us – they know that they can’t get freshly made food, which is hot and good and is as nice as their home cooked meals.

If you don’t stay with your mother or wife, you may find it difficult to go back home and cook. Also, if you are tired by the end of the day, you may find it hard to cook for your husband and kids. With our food and thanks to our Automat machines, we ensure to make your life easier for you. All you need to do is depend upon us and try our food once. The moment you have it – you join the group of all those people, who have already accepted our services with all their hearts.

Nomadic Capital Limited, a company creating innovative projects and solutions, is the sole distributor of the revolutionary Automat, an eight-compartment, temperature controlled, up-scale vending machine. The Nomadic Capital team first saw the concept for the Automat in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. Coming back to Dubai, the team decided to launch their concept across the Gulf Cooperation Council, including the countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The company has customized the machine to suit the needs of the region.

Gourmet Stop, in Media City, Dubai, is the company’s first placement of the Automat with the potential for up to six more throughout 2016. The Automat provides delicious, healthy and filling food that is now easy and quick to access for people on the go. The machine allows locations to sell both hot and cold snacks and meals in a short amount of time without the need for a large staff preparing food or a fully-functioning kitchen. Unlike traditional vending machines that offer packaged goods, the Automat allows customers to see the food they are purchasing. Further, the Automat is easily replenished from the back of the machine, which ensures all food is fresh and at its best when purchased.

“Fresh and nutritious food doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take forever to prepare,” says Stephanie Khouri of Nomadic Capital Limited. “At Gourmet Stop, we’ve upped the taste factor alongside affordability and speed, with bold flavors, seasonal ingredients, and hearty portions. We want to dispel the idea that fast food is always junk food and that healthy food is always expensive for the consumer.”

By automating the process and reducing labor costs, the company can lower the cost of operating a restaurant, making it financially practical to purchase higher quality ingredients for meals. Automation also speeds up the food pick-up, allowing the restaurant to serve freshly-prepared meals quickly to customers and allowing customers to enjoy their meal instead of waiting for it.

The company aims to place the Automat in locations where people are on the go and don’t have much time for meals including office complexes, universities, hospitals and shopping malls. The Automat offers environmentally-friendly packaging and a range of food options to suit any taste. For more information, visit

About Nomadic Capital Limited

Nomadic Capital Limited cannot be categorized by one idea, invention, or concept but rather by a myriad of concepts and ideas that make life easier, more enjoyable, or simply a little bit nicer. The passion driving this company is second to none. Their team is immense and diverse; anyone with a thirst for travel and an eye for innovation is part of Nomadic. To learn more about the company’s focus, the Automat temperature controlled, up-scale vending machine, visit

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