Frey Ranch Estate Distillery launches gin after wildly successful year of vodka sales

Frey Ranch Estate Distillery launches gin after  wildly successful year of vodka sales Just one year after Nevada’s first commercial estate distillery, Frey Ranch, opened its doors, the Frey family released its all-new Frey Ranch Gin. This release comes on the heels of a wildly successful first year of sales of its first spirit out of its 4,600 square-foot distillery, Frey Ranch Vodka. Like the vodka, Frey Ranch Gin is an estate product, meaning it is produced From Ground to Glass™, right on the ranch. The product begins with three different grains – rye, barley and corn – grown and milled right on the ranch and combined with juniper berries and sagebrush sourced from the ranch. These ingredients are joined by coriander, Angelia root, cardamom pod, lemon peel and orange peel to create a unique flavor that can only belong to the Frey name.

“As a farmer I believe that quality comes from a careful, hands-on approach and we create all Frey Ranch products with the same philosophy,” said Colby Frey, owner, distiller and winemaker at Frey Ranch. “As Frey Ranch spirits are made from grains grown 100 percent on our farm, we have total control of the whole process, from planting to harvesting to milling and fermenting, which ensures the highest quality spirit possible.”

Currently, Frey Ranch spirits are available throughout Nevada and recently expanded to California with rapid growth expected across the country. Frey Ranch is located in Churchill County and, in the midst of its beautiful 1,200-acre farm, sits a 4,600 square-foot distillery featuring a stillroom, tank room, barreling room, tasting room and a malt house. The centerpiece of the distillery is a one-of-a-kind, custom-made Vendome still that is capable of producing 10,000 cases of spirits a month. Additionally, there are four 5,000 gallon fermenters, one 5,000 gallon mash cooker, one 5,000 gallon beer well, one 500 gallon pot still, a 24-foot continuous still and 23-foot vodka column.

Frey Ranch Estate Distillery launches gin after  wildly successful year of vodka sales “We take a lot of pride in ensuring all of our wines and spirits represent the best qualities of our state,” said Frey. “Made with homegrown sagebrush and juniper berries, our Frey Ranch Gin is truly unique and smells just like a Nevada rainstorm.”

Farmer, distiller and winemaker, Colby Frey, and his wife Ashley are the fifth generation in the Frey family to grow grains in Nevada. In addition to making fine, hand-crafted spirits and wines, the Freys continue to farm wheat, corn, barley, rye alfafa and oats – something the Frey family has done in Nevada since the 1850s, before Nevada became a state.