Further Products born from BioFuel

Further Products is a Los Angeles-based company that was born from BioFuel

Further Products born from BioFuelAfter noticing the glycerin by-product that resulted from her husband Marshall’s biodiesel production process, Megan Dostal suggested that her husband “get rid of it” to make more room in the family garage. But Marshall is not one to throw anything away. He knew one could make soap with glycerin so he started to tinker…

Further Products born from BioFuelEight years later, Further Products manufactures not only hand soap and lotion, but also cleaning supplies. The biodiesel fuels the family cars and company trucks, and the glycerin by-product is purified and put in to Further products.

Further Products remains a family business with everything run and manufactured out of Southern California with distribution nationwide. The Dostals work with restaurants across the country, from Otium in Downtown Los Angeles to Otto in Las Vegas to Babbo in Downtown Manhattan, restaurants are sharing the story of Further and in some cases, they are making the story their own.Further Products born from BioFuel

Further has relationships with grease-collection companies across the country and if a restaurant would like to take a part in Further’s fully-sustainable production process they need only ask and Further will make it happen, seamlessly.

With a signature fragrance of bergamot, olive and grass Further hand soap enhances a diners experience in the one room that tends to get overlooked! In addition, Further provides tasteful signage that shares with diners the unique production process. The modern diner is keenly aware of where their food is sourced, and now they can be pleased to know that their favorite restaurant is just as committed to using a soap brand dedicated to a no-waste production process.Further Products born from BioFuel

Meet Marshall and other small innovative American food producers at the Vegas Food Expo, March  30-31st, VegasFoodExpo.com