NC Chef takes on Wall Street with US Foods

Chef Taion McElveen takes on Wall Street with US Foods

NC Chef takes on Wall Street with US FoodsLast week, the city that never sleeps got a taste of Raleigh’s very own Chef Taion McElveen of Echelon Experiences took on the big city and began cultivating a one-of-a-kind dish for hundreds of hungry brokers on Wall Street. On May 26, beneath the skyscrapers of the big apple.
US Foods, leading food-service distributor, invited Taion alongside four prominent chefs from across the country, to showcase their culinary expertise in a recreated live restaurant kitchen on Wall Street. Patrons filled the 1.1 km street to celebrate US Foods’ public debut on the New York Stock Exchange.
NC Chef takes on Wall Street with US FoodsTaion served-up his signature Braised Al Pastor Style Pork Belly with a side of jicama chow chow and smoky stone-ground grits, topped with guajillo chile sauce. The kick of the pork belly, rubbed with ancho chiles, achiote paste and cumin, was tastefully balanced with the sweet flavor of pineapple — while the grits, prepared with ham stock, heavy cream and liquid smoke, provided a soulful undertone.
Is your mouth watering yet? Ours too. Though you may feel like you missed out on this culinary experience, fear not, you’ll find this dish on the menu of Eschelon Experiences newest concept, Bare Bones. Set to open this summer, Taion will serve downtown Raleigh patrons with house-ground burgers, smoked pork, beef ribs, barbecue and more, all topped with his homemade rubs and sauces.