Gallant Brands Owners of The Original SoupMan®

Announce Strategic Alliance With Island Fresh, LLC Soupman – Soup For All™ Dramatic Expansion in NYC Distribution

Gallant Brands Owners of The Original SoupMan®Gallant Brands, owners of  The Original Soupman, the makers of the best-tasting soup in the world, announce that they have formed a strategic alliance with Island Fresh Foods LLC, a wholesale food and beverage distributor and manufacturer.  This new power partnership further strengthens the newly re-structured Original Soupman business model with strong additional proven management experience as well as with expanded manufacturing facilities, more menu choices and larger distribution for the company. The alliance creates an unprecedented opportunity to better serve its customers through operational efficiencies, quality control and operating margins. The combined company product and service offerings enhance and diversify Gallant Brands offerings. Due to this alliance, The Original Soupman dramatically expands NYC distribution while creating increased operating efficiencies and margins with superior quality control.

Gallant Brands Owners of The Original SoupMan®Island Fresh expands the business with its network of thousands of customers in the tri-state area that they have served for over 20 years having been the exclusive distributor and ingredient procurement agent for Hale and Hearty.  The Original Soupman soup will now be manufactured at the newly purchased Island Fresh facility in the Bronx, NY which can produce at least 100,000 cases per month.  The overall Soupman production in cooperation with Island Fresh expands the menu choices for all food service and mass distribution at C-Stores, Colleges and Universities, NYC Schools, Airports, Business, Delivery Services, Restaurants, Franchises, Delis and Sub shops.

The Original Soupman continues to grow its current business model in both foodservice and retail including expansion of the product line into broth’s, clean label and healthy soups.

Additionally Island Fresh will offer marketing support and will wrap their fleet of trucks and vans with The Original Soupman Brand creating further branding exposure.  This combined with the Original Soupman refreshed website, e-commerce capabilities and overall social, digital and marketing support will ensure rapid awareness and company growth.

“We are ecstatic to expand our business in cooperation with Island Fresh,” says Joseph Hagan, President of The Original Soupman.  “The alliance will set the Original Soupman on fire in ensuring rapid growth with our combined expertise to truly live our motto, “Soupman-Soup For All™”

“This is just an incredible win-win, and a match made in heaven,” says Michael DeVito of Island Fresh. “Our combined forces will help us bring soups to many more Original Soupman fans, and we expect to grow our company exponentially and in a timely manner.”

Recently, The Original Soupman announced it had formed a New Management Team /Board of Advisors to provide a high level strategic and tactical plan as the company continues to unleash the colossal value in the amazing Original Soupman brand and company.

The New Management Team, comprised of loyal investors and board members who have been part of the company since its inception, have joined forces to ensure that The Original Soupman will be serving up soup to everyone at retail and reaching a growing market of younger consumers who seek comfort food particularly at colleges and convenience stores in both Foodservice and Tetra-Paks.  The Executive Management Team will also play a dual role as the Advisory Board includes Joseph Hagan, President; Bryan Guadagno, Chief Operating Officer and Mitchell Cohen, Chief Strategic Advisor.

About The Original Soupman®
The Original SoupMan® sells its complete line of delicious soups in eco-friendly shelf stable Tetra-Pak cartons at the best supermarkets, grocery, mass market and convenience stores.   The Original Soupman chooses to package in Tetra-Paks because it makes it possible to have our high quality, best tasting soups in a shelf stable package and contains No BPA compared to canning.  The company also supplies soup to foodservice operations including Restaurants, Colleges, Franchises and More.

The Original Soupman flavors include the famous Lobster Bisque, Italian Wedding Soup, Broccoli and Cheese, Crab Bisque, Minestrone, Chicken Gumbo, Crab & Corn Chowder, Turkey Chili, Mulligatawny, Butternut Squash, Lentil, Chicken Vegetable, Jambalaya, New England clam chowder, Shrimp Bisque, Tomato Basil and many more.

The brand became famous when the “Soupman,” yelled, “No Soup for You” on the iconic television series Seinfeld, at the counter of the store ladling soup on any given day.  Today the brand stands for “Soupman — Soup For All.”

The Original Soupman® soups are also available online and at  For a store tracker or to order go to

In 1984, The Original SoupMan opened its doors at 55th Street & 8th Avenue in Manhattan and quickly became a worldwide destination. Rated #1 by Zagat and praised by the New York Times as “Art, not Soup,” it set the standard for innovation and excellence long before the famous “Seinfeld” episode made it a cultural icon. We sell soup across America to in Tetra Pak cartons grocery stores next to Campbell’s and Progresso as well in our franchise restaurants and foodservice operations.  visit: Original SoupMan and “Like” us on Facebook.