GAME TIME: CHEF LANCE LEWIS DRIVING INNOVATION & SUSTAINABILITY-MINDED CARNIVORES WILDAmid ever-evolving economic, sustainability and even wellness concerns impacting the gastro-scape, one pioneering chef is getting in the game … literally. Chef Lance Lewis—the visionary force behind Tagged Out Kitchen—is striving to reshape the narrative around wild game cuisine in the United States. At the heart of his culinary advocacy is the belief that wild game fare is a canvas for well-being, innovation and eco-consciousness.

GAME TIME: CHEF LANCE LEWIS DRIVING INNOVATION & SUSTAINABILITY-MINDED CARNIVORES WILDField experts are agreeably weighing in on the topic, including registered dietitian nutritionist John “Wesley” McWhorter, who noted via the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Wild game, such as venison, elk and fowl, provide a lean source of protein that can be both healthful and delectably rich in flavor. The unique taste profiles of these meats make them stand out in culinary dishes while offering beneficial nutrients such as iron, zinc and essential B vitamins. Making the switch occasionally to game meats can provide a diverse range of healthful nutrients while supporting sustainability.”

Chef Lance Lewis’ Sustainable Carnivore Delights in Food & Beverage Mag

Dedicated research is also upholding the belief that “wild game meat can be a healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to meat from farm animals.” Even so, this ingredient choice is not without its challenges—with consumer perceptions paramount among them.

GAME TIME: CHEF LANCE LEWIS DRIVING INNOVATION & SUSTAINABILITY-MINDED CARNIVORES WILDThis marketplace “disconnect” is fueling Chef Lance’s efforts to elevate wild game cuisine beyond convention. A hallmark of his ingenuity lies in his immersive Field to Table cooking workshops, which go beyond teaching recipes. Rather, they educate participants about the nuances of game meat and showcase the versatility of proteins that are often underestimated in mainstream culinary practices. From braised venison shanks to inventive dishes like Squirrel Marsala, Chef Lance is proving that wild game can be the star of decidedly delicious and healthful gourmet creations.

GAME TIME: CHEF LANCE LEWIS DRIVING INNOVATION & SUSTAINABILITY-MINDED CARNIVORES WILDThese national workshops are more than just culinary events; they are transformative experiences that take participants on a journey from the hunting experience to butchering and cooking, emphasizing the technicalities unique to gourmet wild game cuisine. The workshops provide a special opportunity for individuals, including non-hunters passionate about sustainable eating, to engage with the entire process and expand their culinary horizons.

Chef Lance’s culinary prowess is deeply rooted in his diverse background. From Louisiana to the Navy and, ultimately, to the prestigious Cook Street School of Culinary Arts in Denver, Colorado, his unconventional journey has greatly enriched his culinary perspective. In fact, this experiential diversity allows him to fuse classical culinary education with a hands-on approach to wild game cooking.

GAME TIME: CHEF LANCE LEWIS DRIVING INNOVATION & SUSTAINABILITY-MINDED CARNIVORES WILDAt the crux of Chef Lance’s culinary ideology lies a profound commitment to conservation and ethical hunting. More than a culinary maestro, he is a steward of the land who advocates for responsible hunting practices and the holistic utilization of harvested animals. As a proud sponsor of the Dallas Safari Club and a two-year patron of the exclusive Elevation country music event in Beaver Creek, Colorado, Chef Lance is a staunch champion of wildlife preservation and sustainable culinary practices.

GAME TIME: CHEF LANCE LEWIS DRIVING INNOVATION & SUSTAINABILITY-MINDED CARNIVORES WILDChef Lewis’ story is a testament to the transformative power of culinary innovation. Through Tagged Out Kitchen, he invites us all to explore the uncharted territories of wild game cuisine, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the artistry and sustainability inherent in every dish. In the hands of Chef Lance, wild game cuisine is not just a culinary choice—it’s a journey of epicurean innovation intended to challenge, inspire and transform culinary expectations.


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