Get Caffeinated at Peninsula Papagayo

It’s the midst of coffee harvesting season and Costa Rica maintains its time-honored legacy as top country for coffee exportation and an idyllic destination for coffee enthusiasts. And now, coffee lovers can learn how to make an authentic cup of Costa Rican joe from resident coffee experts at Andaz Costa Rica Resort and Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, both nestled in Peninsula Papagayo, a 1,400-acre geo-luxury resort and residential destination in northwest Costa Rica. Traveler’s may also indulge in an authentic Costa Rican coffee spa treatment at Florbanca Resort located in the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the world’s five famed “Blue Zones”.

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Andaz Costa Rica Resort
The resort’s resident coffee expert, Luis Carlos Herrera, leads an exciting Master Barista Class at Rio Bhongo, the resort’s open-air restaurant boasting stunning views of Culebra Bay. The class takes guests on a journey of coffee discovery while teaching them the techniques to make the perfect cup of coffee. In addition to comparing different coffee-making methods from around the world, guests will also learn about the rich Tico coffee varietals and will be taught how to make the famous “Café Chorreado” – Costa Rica’s simple method for brewing coffee. This old-fashioned system yields a strong flavor without the hassle of electric coffee makers or paper filters.

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica
The resort offers a comprehensive coffee tasting journey, led by the its resident coffee instructor Henry Montoya, that takes guests on a flavorful exploration of Costa Rica’s most popular export. This tasting includes lessons in the many ways to prepare coffee to enhance its flavor profile and offers a variety of samples available from the country’s eight coffee regions. The class is taught different brewing methods, highlighting the Vandola, the local way of brewing coffee in Costa Rica.

Florblanca Resort
The resort located in one of the healthiest and happiest regions in the world is a wellness haven. The property offers an array indulgent, authentic treatments at Spa Bambu including the stimulating Costa Rican Coffee Scrub which includes full body exfoliation utilizing local aromatic coffee beans, vitamin E and olive oil — sloughing away dead skin cells for a renewed and vibrant head to toe. The treatment is followed by a relaxing hour-long massage.