Get your eat-in kitchen without a remodel

Have you always wanted an eat-in kitchen? Having a dining area in your kitchen, even a small one, has a lot of benefits. When you are baking or cooking large meals, an eat-in kitchen gives you an opportunity to interact even though you’re tied to the stove. On the average day, an eat-in kitchen creates a cozier atmosphere perfect for having morning coffee with your household or having afternoon tea with a friend.

Most people don’t think they have room for an eat-in kitchen and assume that they will have to wait until they move or remodel the kitchen to be able to have that feature. But there are some creative ways that you can add a dining room table to your kitchen space, particularly in an open concept kitchen.

How much space do you need for an eat-in kitchen?

An eat-in kitchen doesn’t take as much room as you might think. In fact, most people can accommodate a small round café table at the very least. If you are only going to go with a dining room table and not fixed seating, you could need as little as 4 feet square to have your eat-in kitchen. If you have an open concept kitchen or a kitchen with a patio, you could have even more space to work with.

The smallest café tables are an average of 3 feet square, with round tables being an average of 3 feet in diameter. If you want them, the café dining chairs and room to maneuver them only add about 18 inches square for each chair. If you plan on only adding chairs to the dining table when in use, you may want to get the table alone and opt for folding or stackable chairs to save space.

Another great way to add seating to your kitchen table is by choosing storage ottomans that can slide under the dining room table when not in use. These ottomans also give you additional safe storage for items that you don’t use all the time, like extra cookie sheets or rarely used kitchen appliances.

Types of dining room tables perfect for an eat-in kitchen

There are a lot of different types of dining room tables that will work well in a cramped space like an eat-in kitchen. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you choose the right table for your kitchen needs.

Bar style dining sets

Bar-style seating is a great way to add dining space to your cramped kitchen. These tables are usually counter height, which makes them perfect to use as additional workspace in the kitchen. The tables are also taller and often slide under the table for a more compact occasional dining area.

Adaptable size dining tables

There are a number of dining table designs that can adapt to different needs. Some tables have leaves that can be added to extend the table, while others have hinged leaves on either side to make the table larger. These are good for additional workspace or seating for children during a family meal.

Outdoor dining sets

If your kitchen is attached to your patio, particularly through a sliding door or French doors, it can be the perfect place to add a dining room table to your kitchen. You will have all of the same benefits as an eat-in kitchen but with more space for seating. It can also be used for gatherings.

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