New York WaterMaker / NY Style Pizza & Bagels For Everyone

Water Replication

As the world’s first patent-pending water replication system, the New York WaterMaker will enable restaurants to elevate their food and beverage taste and quality by allowing chefs to cook with NYC water anywhere in the world. Recipes will be tastier, bread will be crisper, pizza and bagels will be authentic NYC style (not an imitation), and, in return, consumers will reward these restaurants with increased business. The New York WaterMaker will change the way restaurants operate and bring NYC food and beverage quality to every inch of the globe.

New York WaterMaker / NY Style Pizza & Bagels For EveryoneThis month at the International Pizza Expo 2018,  New York WaterMaker will unveil a revolutionary system that can molecularly replicate any region’s source water. The  New York WaterMaker is a patent-pending water source replication system that not only functions as a commercial water filter, but also replicates the exact hardness, molecular structure, and chemical composition of a specific location’s water, with a key focus on replicating New York City water.

By using the  New York WaterMaker, restauranteurs and franchise owners will be able to offer customers improved food quality, consistency, and taste that’s only possible by cooking with New York water. As a result, recipes will be tastier, bread will be crispier, and pizza and bagels will be authentic New York City style (not an inferior imitation). Furthermore, it improves the taste and texture of bread, coffee, tea, water, carbonated beverages and other recipes.

There is no place in the culinary world like New York City (“NYC”). From the famous and impossible to replicate pizza and bagels to the high-end 3-star Michelin restaurants, NYC is the pinnacle of the culinary world. For decades, restaurants and franchises around the world have spent millions and built their entire business around replicating the NYC food taste and quality, to no avail. The New York WaterMaker is the product that will finally revolutionize the food services industry and bring the superior taste and quality of New York WaterMaker / NY Style Pizza & Bagels For EveryoneNYC food and beverages to the rest of the world.

New York WaterMaker is a unique product that has meaningful protection from competitors as it is already patent-pending. Additionally,  New York WaterMaker system is a first-mover to As market and will be able to displace existing water filtration and purification systems as they are highly commoditized with limited differentiation. Come

About Company New York WaterMaker is an innovative product that will change the world by allowing restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, bagel stores, etc., and franchisors to replicate the specific type of water used in a key geographic location, such as New York City, San Francisco, or another city or town. Businesses can now create NYC pizza or bagels while in the Midwest or a franchisor can ensure that their food tastes the same across multiple locations and regions. For more information call, 866-885-1522 or visit: