Gin & Tonic, The Complete Guide For A Perfect Mix

The answer to the booming ‘ginterest’

Gin & Tonic, The Complete Guide For A Perfect MixFor five years already, gin inspires lots of bartenders, chefs and fans in Spain. Gin is slowly taking over the world. Together with the development on the plate, the experience in the glass also evolves. The mixing of all sorts of spirits with mixers is brought to a higher level, you could call it gastronomy in a glass. A hype? No, we are convinced that gin is here to stay until the end of time. More sophisticated, better thought-out and with tonic as a companion, gin will definitely take over the world for the second time.

Pure passion
Gin & Tonic is indeed pure love that already exists for decades. There was passion when they first met. This was followed by a moment of rest but now there is love at second sight. You best believe us. This renewed passion is one that is bigger than ever, that incites frenzied dancing or that, just like during the game of love, sometimes preserves all coolness. It is a relation where both partners challenge, lift up and accompany each other while encouraging creativity. Open-minded, because even a third player – Mr. or Ms. Botanical – may join the couple and could even make them better. This is a couple with an extra touch, and this is clearly shown in the glass.

Never make the wrong choices again
It often goes hard and fast. Gin and tonic is the hype of 2013-2014. Last year, 12 % more gin was sold than the year before and in the last four years 100 new sorts of gin were invented. Cocktail bars and restaurants even create gin menus. It is certainly time to answer the questions every gin fan is still thinking about, which gin do I have to combine with which tonic? And what kind of garnish should I add? In ‘ Gin & Tonic, the complete guide‘, Frederic Du Bois (gin expert) and Isabel Boons (culinary journalist) answer all possible questions. By means of a very practical layout, you never make the wrong choice again. Over 60 gins and 20 tonics are described in detail. A unique ‘gincyclopedia’ gives you a comprehensive and updated list of all available types and brands available on the market. The authors also went to visit the best gin bars. Finally, this book contains original dishes and recipes combined with gin and tonic.