Going Plastic Negative: Freshfield

Plant-based nutrition, planet saving attitude. 100% vegan products that are also certified plastic negative. They’re as good for you as they are for the planet.

Freshfield is a plant-based, vegan nutrition brand working hard to protect our playground. In partnership with rePurpose Global, Freshfield is eliminating twice the amount of plastic of the amount used in their products.

Freshfield works with rePurpose to quantify the plastic footprint per product line, based on the plastic content of Freshfield product’s packaging.

For every unique item sold, Freshfield funds the ethical recovery and processing of double the amount of plastic waste, stemming its flow into our precious oceans and landscape.

Freshfield’s Plastic Negative proceeds enable rePurpose Global to facilitate investment in sustainable recovery and recycling infrastructure, in collaboration with Saahas Zero Waste in Bangalore, guaranteeing removal of double as much plastic from the environment as was generated through Freshfield’s packaging.

“For those that go further. We’re here for those that go further. The ones that go longer, harder and have the bumps and bruises to show for it. Why? Because that’s us, too. Even though we’re all different we have one ability in common: To push our bodies and minds just a little bit every day. We’re here to help you continue to put in the effort, to be your personal best and to live like you mean it. This is why we obsess about our products — from research and development, to raw material sourcing, to production and shipping. Everything is crafted with you in mind.”

Always Plant-Based 

From authentic performance to everyday well-being, research is showing us a better way forward: Plant-based lifestyles are the most effective way to support healthy, active bodies & minds. Not only that, it’s great for the planet! Freshfields products are 100% vegan and are designed to help elevate all aspects of your life.

100% Certified Plastic Negative 

We like to call it “Protecting Our Playground.” For every product we sell, we recover double the amount in the form of low value ocean- or landfill-bound plastic and ensure that it is processed responsibly. “Low value” plastic is the plastic that most often ends up in our oceans and landfills; it’s the candy wrappers, snack bags and items like them that normally don’t get recycled. We track, offset and report our offsets on a monthly basis and make this information available to everyone so that we can all appreciate the impact we are making.