Goose Valley Natural Foods, LLC Creates Line of Specialty Rice Fusions

 Country’s Largest Producer of Wild Rice Cuts Prep Time for Restaurants with Creative, Flavorful Rice Fusions

Goose Valley Natural Foods, the largest producer of wild rice in the country, has added rice fusions to its product roster. Joining its Natural and Certified Organic Wild Rice are four high-quality Fusion Specialty Rice blends: Arborio & Wild Rice, Basmati & Wild Rice, Brown & Wild Rice, and Rice & Beans.

Understanding the needs of the foodservice industry, Goose Valley co-founder Barbara Mattaliano – a former private chef and caterer – aimed to create a line of rice blends that would not only cut down on prep and cook time, but would also be extremely flavorful and healthful.

As more concern is paid to health and diet, Goose Valley Natural Foods’ Wild Rice and Fusion Specialty Rice blends make for a welcome alternative to traditional starches. All products are gluten-free, kosher, whole grain, low-fat, low glycemic index, sugar- and sodium-free. Wild Rice also has more fiber and protein, but less carbohydrates and calories, than most other whole grains and is backed by the USDA for its ability to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Arborio & Wild Rice Fusion – When this short-grain rice is mixed with wild rice, the end result is added nutrition, color, texture, and an earthy nutty flavor to a traditionally creamy risotto. This rice has 3g protein per serving.

Basmati & Wild Rice Fusion – A delicious aromatic blend of Basmati white rice and wild rice with a colorful variety and robust flavor of dehydrated vegetables and herbs including carrots, celery, red bell pepper, mushrooms, leeks, parsley, garlic, and lemon peel. This rice has 3g protein and 2g fiber per serving.

Brown & Wild Rice Fusion – A winning combination of four California-grown whole grains including Calmati Brown Rice, Wild Rice, Heirloom Red Rice, and Calmochi Sweet Brown Rice.  Has rich hearty flavor and texture with a hint of spice and nectar. This rice has 5g protein and 4g fiber per serving.

Rice & Beans Fusion – This unique blend of Calmati Brown Rice, Wild Rice, Heirloom Red Rice, Black Bean, and Red Bean provide a nutritionally balanced meal. The sweet flavor of the beans is combined with the nutty taste and chewy texture of the rice for an enjoyable flavor profile. This rice has 5g fiber and 5g protein per serving.

Goose Valley Natural Foods, LLC was co-founded in 2009 by George Denny, whose family has ranching and farming operations on 42,000 deeded acres in Northern California; and Barbara Mattaliano, a former teacher and private chef who developed the brand and product line. Today, Goose Valley Farming, LLC is the country’s leading grower of certified organic and natural wild rice. This grain, native only to North America, is cultivated without exposure to pesticides of any kind and irrigated solely by the area’s snow melts and local springs making it 100% natural. Goose Valley Natural Foods’ wild rice and specialty rice fusions are available for foodservice in 5lb and 25lb bags, serving 64 and 320 respectively.

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