Gordon Ramsay Food Stars’ Finalist Caroline D’Amore Launches The Pizza Girl Pizza Grill, Portable Pizza Oven

Caroline D’Amore, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Finalist, Launches The Pizza Girl Pizza Grill

Caroline D’Amore, who you may have recently seen starring on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars on Fox, has worked tirelessly to make her dream of Pizza Girl come to life, and she has been doing just that by building an incredible empire. Her Pizza Girl sauce brand can be found at all the top supermarkets nationwide, from Albertson’s to Bristol Farms to Whole Foods, and now she introduces her first brand expansion, the Pizza Girl Grill, after much anticipation and inspiration from Gordon Ramsay himself.The Pizza Grill is the ultimate upgrade for easy homemade pizza at home.  Her compact, lightweight countertop designed pizza grill is sure to be a game changer for her brand, and consumers alike. It features top and bottom heating elements, paired with a ceramic stone base, allowing consumers to make perfect pizza in under 5 minutes with minimal effort, up to 12 inches in diameter. Dual heating controls mean you can adjust for crispy or chewy on the bottom and bubbly on top. 


The ultimate upgrade for easy homemade pizza – It is a compact, lightweight countertop pizza grill that is a game changer.  Users can make incredible 12-inch pizzas with fresh or frozen dough, pre-made pizza bases or your favorite frozen pizzas in any kitchen.  D’amore promises – Fresh, hot, authentic pizza –  in minutes.  Retail is $158.00 and ordering via her website is now open.  

D’Amore grew up in Malibu as one of 4 daughters of the D’Amores Pizza Family. Cooking and sharing her chef skills were always top of mind for her, a passion she had as a young girl. Her Grandmother taught her the value of the “sauce” as the secret to all Italian cooking. She used her pasta sauce in everything! Caroline took what she knew best and made it her own to share with a new generation of home cooks, reimagining these recipes and adding her own touch, with the launch of her Pizza Girl Sauces, a journey she began 5 years ago. They are 100% organic made from the finest ingredients to offer customers a clean, delicious product, packed with flavor and good for your diet. Her sauces can now be found in over 2,000 stores, plus her ecommerce platform, and D’Amore can be seen doing appearances all over the country, meeting with customers during in-store demos, tasting events and food fairs – a true entrepreneur.  

Since our cover a few years ago, what have you been up to?

Being on the cover of Food and Beverage Magazine was truly a dream come true. Pizza Girl has come a long way since then being in over 2,000 supermarkets and growing plus our e-commerce business has grown overnight! From the Gordon Ramsay show to the celebrity endorsements of Pizza Girl it’s been such an exciting journey. Each year I say look back at last year. 

Have you grown and evolved? Yes? Then you are on the right track. Keep going, never give up and it will happen. There’s no other option. 

What made you launch the pizza girl grill? What was the inspiration? 

I felt the market was missing an easy way to make Pizzas at home. All the ovens out there are expensive and a lot of work. As a mom I really wanted something better to offer. My dad and I had posted a video about how best to reheat pizzas at home for best taste, and then my business partner called from Australia – where apparently every other house has these tiny oven that make pizzas – and there is nothing like this in America – so we decided to make one that works even better with style and ease, so not only serves a function but is aesthetically something you want to show off in your kitchen, with only adds to the experience. So we did just that! And people are absolutely freaking out over them!!! The pink color was a game changer as well, and keeps in line with my brand.

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What do you love about what you do, pizza, this industry?

I believe as an Italian woman, we grow up wanting to feed our loved ones and fill their bellies with good things. It’s how we show love. So being able to do that on a grand scale and make it my job has truly been a dream come true. Receiving feedback from all over the country, from people who absolutely love our original sauces, has been the most magical feeling and makes us want to keep creating and innovating new ways to deliver the yummy meals to every household in America and hopefully beyond one day ! It’s okay to Dream Big! In fact it’s a MUST.

Visit online at www.pizzagirl.com to order the Pizza Girl Grill and follow @pizzagirlofficial and @carolinedamore on instagram and social media.