Gourmet Food Cheese, Candy, and Cookies

Gourmet food can be anything that is better than normal in quality, and is something everyone will try, even if they are picky eaters. Often gourmet cooking has more than the normal range of ingredients, but sometimes can contain just a few, carefully selected ingredients. The same is true when it comes to gourmet cheese, candy and cookies. While they can be simple in ingredients, they are elegant and luxurious in taste.


When it comes to gourmet food, cheese is often an ingredient. Cheese itself is can be a gourmet food depending on how it is served. Brie is considered gourmet, and is a popular appetizer cheese, especially when served with crackers and vegetables.

Other gourmet cheese may include compound spreads that have added ingredients, such as some of the spread-able cheese spreads that have flavoring added like bacon and Swiss, or cheddar with port wine, for example. Cheese can also be turned gourmet when made into a spread with lump crab meat, onion or garlic and served with biscotti.

Cheese balls or cheese logs are another gourmet serving suggestion for cheese, where nuts are added to the outside, or cream cheese has become popular with chipped beef, onion and garlic, served as a cheese ball.

The semi-soft to hard cheeses, like mozzarella, Gouda, gorgonzola and parmesans, for example, are varied in taste and variety, so you can make a gourmet gift from different kinds of cheese from around the world.


When it comes to candy, the first thing that comes to mind is truffles, which are luxurious and have a smooth creaminess and variety of flavorings. Everybody loves truffles.

Filled chocolates are another kind of gourmet candy, and fillings of coconut, caramel, nuts, marshmallow and nougats in different flavors are popular gourmet candies. Of course, there are some of the gourmet candies made in different regions like saltwater taffy, fudge, peanut clusters and turtles, or hard candies from around the world that are considered gourmet.


This is a sinfully wide category that can include any number of gourmet cookies. Gourmet cookies typically offer more than average ingredients, so even chocolate chips can become gourmet when they have large chocolate chunks, with marshmallows, peanuts or something else added. Ladyfingers, turtle brownies, or heath bar cookies can be considered gourmet. There are many cookies from around the world that are served in gourmet tins and are simple such as Danish butter cookies.

Some of the more recognized gourmet cookies like lemon bars, or cheesecake cookies and peanut butter chocolate chunk are traditional styles of cookies or brownies, with added ingredients to make them more rich and gooey. Decorated cookies, for example are considered gourmet, and can be topped with icing, coconut, chocolate drizzle, caramel and nuts, among other things, to make them more than a typical cookie.

Whatever your gourmet fetish is, many people love gourmet cheeses, candy and cookies, no matter what time of year or day it is. With the internet, it is possible to have any kind of gourmet treat shipped right to your door. Why wait for a special occasion when you can order them anytime, from the convenience of your home, and can get your favorites for a snack or a gift basket for somebody else.

One thing is for certain, everybody loves gourmet food, especially cheeses, candy and cookies.