Gourmet Seafood

Most of us are allergic to the term “gourmet” until we know the correct meaning of it. A gourmet is a knowledgeable person in fine drink and food. Actually this term is derived from French “groumet” (Sic), a valet in charge of wines. Gourmet seafood is important to get a nice taste out of seafoods. In order to show your personal way of appreciation to someone who loves you, send gourmet seafood as a gift to get a place in his or her heart.

Gourmet seafood can be gifted to thank customers and clients, or to reward your employees, there are so many firms to offer you a very impressive and tasteful solution. You should be careful in selecting the gourmet seafood for getting good impression from your valuable customer.  If you are going to gift the gourmet seafood, you will be sending the gift of New England. If you prefer to go for gifting gourmet seafood, your employee or customer will be very much leased with your overnight departure of gourmet seafood at their doorsteps.

Selection of the firm, which is sending the gourmet seafood, should be scrutinized carefully before placing orders of gift. Some firms are ready to contact you to review the details of order and to inform you about the shipment of your gourmet seafood to your beloved customers or employees.  Even some firms offer great discounts for gourmet seafood orders of $500 or more.

The various gourmet sea foods include lobster Lover’s feast, Surf and turf, Maine Lobster Party, Live Maine Lobsters, Shrimp and Steak Classic, West Australian Rock Lobster Tails, and Five Star New England Clambake. The prices for these Gourmet seafoods depend upon the quantity and also the distance of traveling.

Procedure for order your gourmet seafood
1. A corporate gift order form should be filled up and faxed it to the firm you preferred to supply your gourmet seafood or even you can contact the customer care line for placing the orders.
2. The billing address should be one and the same of the address on file with your credit card company.
3. It is always recommended to place well in advance say 48 hrs prior to shipping date in order to avoid hue and cry at the last moment. Due to unavoidable circumstances, if the firm is unable to process your request, they should contact you immediately for this inconvenience and should made necessary replacements. Please confirm this point before ordering your favorite gourmet seafood.
4. The gourmet seafood companies will contact you before they process your order to get final confirmation to get charged in your credit card.
5. The discounted amount for your gourmet seafood will be deducted from the grand total excluding the shipment charges.
6. Even some gourmet seafood companies inform the customers via email about the shipping destination and the actual time of delivery to you.