Maine Lobster – The King of the seafood recipes

By Mak Jones,

Lobster is very popular item among all the seafood lovers around the world. You can hardly find any seafood lover who does not like to have lobster at his seafood dinner. There are various seafood recipes that attract the seafood lovers throughout the world. But among them, there are few seafood items which cannot be found in various parts of the world; instead they are available only to the regional seafood lovers.

There are various items that can be taken as an ingredient of delicious seafood recipes. As we approach towards the seashore, the availability of seafood items tend to increase. It is also to be noted that the items usually can be found fresh when you go to the seashores. You can find crab, prawn and various sea fishes which should be ideal for your delicious seafood items. These eating delicacies are mainly served after they are baked or fried, but it is the steamed item that brings the real flavor of the item.

As we are talking of the variety of seafood delicacies, the Maine lobster can be termed as the king among all the seafood items. This special type of lobster can be found on the Atlantic coast of North America where it is mainly found on the coastal areas from Labrador to New Jersey. It is also known as the northern lobster among the people of coastal America.

The best way to cook the lobster is to steam it with adding little salt to it. But you have to make sure that you are cooking the lobster alive. It is said by the foodies that the Maine lobster tastes best when it is cooked fresh. Therefore you need to taste any preparation of this seafood item when the lobster is cooked alive. So it would be ideal if you taste it at any spot near the sea shores as it will make sure that the cooked lobster is taken fresh out of the sea.

If you are willing to cook it at your home, you need to find some online dealer who can ship you the fresh Maine lobster right after it is caught by the fishermen. But you have to cook the special seafood item at your earliest after it will be delivered at your doorstep. But if it is not possible to cook it right away, you have to store it at the coolest spot of your refrigerator and make sure that the lobster remain moist and the container is not air tight.

In short, if you are looking for the perfect seafood recipes, you cannot exclude the lobsters of Maine region in your list of seafood delicacies.