Grace Coconut Water Brings Authentic Jamaican Taste to the U.S

Grace Foods International is a nearly 100-year-old food processing and distribution brand and one of the Caribbean’s largest and most dynamic corporations. For the last 25 years Grace Foods International has supplied  the most popular Caribbean brands to Canada, including refreshing, Grace Coconut Water, the no. 1 Coconut Water in Canada.

Now, we are excited to announce that Grace Foods International will unveil Grace Coconut Water Click Here  in the U.S. this summer to bring all of the benefits of coconut water with the taste of Jamaica to U.S. consumers. The expansion to the rest of North America marks the first step in Grace Foods International’s broader U.S. beverage distribution strategy and overall strategy of becoming a global consumer group by 2020 with availability on three continents.

Grace Coconut Water is the only brand in the crowded U.S. marketplace with authentic Jamaican roots. Grace’s 100% Coconut Water is gluten free, fat free and cholesterol free and a great source of natural rehydration – not to mention, its delicious, refreshing taste! It will be available with or without pulp in 11.5 oz. and 17.5 oz. cans with distribution in southern California at launch.