Harmonique Wine Announces Riahi Selections as Exclusive New York Distributor

An importer/distributor specializing in small artisanal producers

Harmonique Wine Announces Riahi Selections as Exclusive New York DistributorHarmonique Wine owners Bruce and Moira Conzelman are pleased to announce that Riahi Selections is now the company’s exclusive New York state distributor. “We are excited to be back in the New York market with a well known and respected distributor,” said Bruce Conzelman. Equally pleased is owner Michael Riahi. “Harmonique fits the Riahi Selections portfolio because it is a high quality wine that represents a sense of place—the Anderson Valley in Mendocino County,” he stated.

Harmonique Wine
Founded in 2001, Harmonique Wine is a partnership between Bruce Conzelman and winemaker Robert Klindt. Klindt has an established reputation as a winemaker who can get the best from the fruit through patience and careful blending. Recognizing the potential for Pinot Noir in the cool climate of Anderson Valley, Conzelman teamed up with Klindt to produce wine that is on a par with any in the world. The name Harmonique reflects a desire to create wines that harmonize with many foods and evoke a sense of their French Burgundian heritage. Made primarily from grapes grown in the western end of the valley, known locally as “The Deep End,” Harmonique creates rich, luscious wines that are extremely age worthy.

Riahi Selections
Riahi Selections is currently featuring the 2007 Harmonique Delicacé and 2007 The Noble One. “Because of their pedigree, quality and depth of vintage, we are pleased to offer these wines that are drinking so beautifully,” said Riahi. “Harmonique ages their wines until they are deemed perfect to enjoy,” he continued. “They never rush a wine to market.”

A wine importer/distributor that specializes in environmentally conscious, small artisanal producers from 15 of the world’s top wine growing regions, Riahi Selections sells to New York restaurants and select retailers. “Currently we offer a variety of Pinot Noirs from Burgundy and New Zealand,” said Riahi. “I want to offer my customers a global portfolio. Harmonique allows me a high quality Pinot Noir from another distinctive region. I am proud to represent the craftsmanship of these wines in my portfolio.”

Located in Westchester, approximately one hour north of Manhattan, the home office of Riahi Selections provides easy access to the city, where 95 percent of their business is done, as well as the Hamptons and northern regions. “We chose to focus on New York, which is the most important wine market in the country, and arguably the world,” said Riahi. “We look for artisan wines that are well structured, well balanced and over deliver on quality and value. We only consider producers under 10,000 cases.”

Harmonique wines are featured at Blue Hill Restaurant and Michael’s Restaurant in New York City; Capital Grille in Garden City and Insignia Restaurant in Smithtown. Off-premise accounts include 55th Street Wine & Spirit and Cork Wine and Spirit.

Throughout his career in the restaurant and distribution businesses, Michael Riahi has developed relationships with winemakers, producers and sommeliers around the world. “These friends have helped my wife and I build our own company by making introductions to wineries that would fit the style of our portfolio. It was through such an introduction that we created our relationship with Harmonique,” remarked Riahi.

About Harmonique and Riahi Selections:
Harmonique makes three different styles of gracefully aged Anderson Valley Pinot Noir wines and a un-oaked Chardonnay. The wines are released only when they have reached a prime level of maturity, comparing favorably with French Burgundies. Riahi Selections sells handcrafted wines to New York restaurants and select retailers, offering a global portfolio of artisanal wines, including Harmonique. The majority of the wines are made in quantities of 500 cases or less, allowing more selective winemaking practices and quality control from the earth to the bottle. For more information visit www.harmoniquewine.com and www.riahiselections.com, and find them on Facebook.