BaconTrim and It’s All Gravy!

BaconTrim and It’s All Gravy!J&D’s Foods is pleased to announce the launch of BaconTrim, GravyTrim and It’s All Gravy! Yes, the world’s first Bacon flavored and Gravy flavored weight loss shakes and Gravy flavored seasoning. You’re welcome.

J&D’s BaconTrim For A Sizzling Hot Body and J&D’s GravyTrim Gravy Your Way To A Better You are the latest Delicious Development of J&D’s meat flavored and scented health and beauty products division. The overwhelming success of past products like POWER Bacon Deodorant, Bacon Sunscreen, Bacon Shaving Cream, Bacon Lip Balm and baconlube have led us all here today.

Science has shown that 8 out of 10 dieters fail to keep the weight off. Why? Because their diets force them to eat less of what they love and more of what they hate. J&D’s Foods is about to change that. Our solution is simple and proven – instead of fighting against people’s natural tendencies to cover everything in Bacon and Gravy, we’re embracing it.

Many researchers point to exercise as the key factor in sustained weight loss. We at J&D’s Foods scoff at this notion and believe that a difficult regimen of exercise can be substituted with the ease and deliciousness of Bacon and Gravy flavored weight loss shakes.

BaconTrim and It’s All Gravy!At only 120 calories per serving and including 30 grams of high quality protein BaconTrim and GravyTrim are a mouth-watering new way to lose weight and build lean muscle tone with little to no exercise. They’re naturally flavored, low fat and high fiber, with zero sugar and packed with 20 essential vitamins and nutrients to help support your metabolism. They deliver the rich, smooth and meaty taste consumers crave in a convenient ready-to-drink, replacement meal.

BaconTrim and GravyTrim are available starting today at and for $19.99 per 20 count supply.

J&D’s It’s All Gravy! The Gravy Flavored Seasoning. It’s All Gravy! seasoning comes in Brown Gravy and Sausage Gravy flavors and is designed for use on anything that tastes better with Gravy – which is everything! With only 5 calories and zero fat per serving it puts the guilt-free power of everyone’s favorite unhealthy condiment in the palm of your hands. It’s All Gravy! The next level of meat-flavored condiments is finally here. Try it on fries, mashed potatoes, tots, grits, veggies, rice, roasted or grilled meats and more. This changes everything.

It’s All Gravy! is available now at for $9.99 per 2-pack.

If you want to live in a world where everything can, will and should taste like Gravy we’d love for you to be one of the first people to try It’s All Gravy!