Harry’s Bishops Corner, one of the best Neapolitan style pizza restaurants in the U.S.

Harry’s Bishops Corner, one of the best Neapolitan style pizza restaurants in the U.S.Harry’s Bishops Corner is a place to indulge in a unique pizza experience that is sure to excite the taste buds. Restaurant owners Kevin and Anne Plaut bought Harry’s BC in 2007 with a creative vision of what pizza could be, and that dream has become a reality.

Their roots are in pizza – the couple met working in a pizza restaurant – but Kevin Plaut’s later years working with fine Italian cuisine under the guidance of skillful and talented chefs gave him exposure to a variety of flavors and styles.

“Since I began working with pizza, I’ve always wanted to go beyond the traditional pizza combinations,” he said. “We started experimenting with common ingredients and dishes of classical Italian cuisine and found that they transfer very well to a pizza.”

Kevin is always thinking about what his next pizza creation will be. That is how the Seasonal Pizza menu came to be what it is today at Harry’s BC.

It is not uncommon to find a new seasonal pizza at the front counter for customers to sample and give feedback on. And more often than not, many will change their orders to one of the new seasonal pies.

Harry’s BC has debuted many of their seasonal pies at wine tastings that are held at the restaurant twice a year. The new pizzas are paired with wines from different regions and customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on both. Many of the pizzas and wines will later be added to the seasonal pie menu and wine list, depending on the response.

Harry’s Bishops Corner, one of the best Neapolitan style pizza restaurants in the U.S.Here is a look at Harry’s BC’s winter/spring seasonal pies. On the healthier side, the “Insalata Di Pizza” is a white pie on wheat crust with sweet grilled onions and once it comes out of the oven, is topped with a chopped salad dressed in Harry’s BC’s traditional vinaigrette, grape tomatoes and blue cheese crumbles.

Those who prefer meat may enjoy the “Neapolitan Ragu Pie,” which is a red pizza topped with smoked mozzarella, seasoned beef and sausage Ragu, crushed red pepper flakes, and finished with basil pesto and parmesan cheese, once out of the oven.

The third seasonal pie is the “Porchetta,” a white pizza with provolone, thyme-roasted pork loin, lemon garlic sautéed spinach, and caramelized onion.

All three seasonal pies are available in small or large sizes and range in price from $15.25 to $25.75. They can also be made to accommodate Harry’s BC’s gluten-free customers.

As for the regular menu, a wide variety of fresh toppings are available at Harry’s BC, where pies feature a thin crust – either traditional, wheat or gluten-free. It includes several inventive specialty pizzas, from red pies like the Colors of Italy and House Veggie to white pizzas such as Clam Casino and Shrimp Florentine. Classic Neapolitan Style Pies such as the Margherita or Prosciutto and Arugula are also favorites on the menu.

Harry’s selection of freshly-prepared salads is just as popular as the pizza. Each salad is served with one of Harry’s own Signature Dressings, which include a Sundried Tomato Balsamic Vinaigrette, a Traditional Vinaigrette and an eggless Caesar.

Harry’s Bishops Corner has won many accolades, including the “Best Pizza” award in the Best of Hartford Magazine Readers’ Poll for the past six years. It has also received a “Best of Yelp” award with four and half stars and was rated a Top Five restaurant in West Hartford, CT by Trip Advisor.

Harry’s Bishops Corner has a strong commitment to excellence, which extends beyond pizza and into the community. Owners Kevin and Anne support several local charities and organizations throughout the Greater Hartford area and feel that community involvement is important.

About Harry’s Bishops Corner
Owners, Kevin and Anne Plaut took over West Hartford’s infamous Harry’s Bishops Corner in 2007, formerly owned by Harry Rufleth.  Kevin and Anne had been long time employees of Harry’s, originally meeting and working at Harry’s Pizza on Farmington Avenue.   They moved to Massachusetts in 1997 for three years and returned to Connecticut in 2000 to get married and start a family.  Upon their return to Connecticut, they reconnected with Harry at Harry’s Big Tomato restaurant located at Riverdale Farms in Avon CT.   In 2002, Harry’s Big Tomato left Riverdale Farms to become Harry’s Bishops Corner in West Hartford.   It is there that Harry was able to reconnect with the West Hartford community and reemerge as West Hartford’s premiere pizza restaurant.   In 2007, Harry decided to retire from a long, successful career in the pizza business.   But he didn’t want to sell the business to just anybody, so he asked Kevin and Anne if they were interested.    Kevin and Anne are now the proud owners of Harry’s Bishop’s Corner and take great care of the name and reputation that has been built over the years.   Kevin and Anne are so grateful to their customers for their support and encouragement.  For more information please visit www.HarrysBC.com.