Hatchery – New Curated Subscription Service Delivers Artisan Cooking Ingredients Every Month

Hatchery Provides Members Exclusive Access to Artisan Ingredients, Chef-Inspired Recipes and More Every Month.

Hatchery – New Curated Subscription Service Delivers Artisan Cooking Ingredients Every MonthHatchery announces the launch of its new subscription tasting box service that focuses on artisan cooking ingredients and products sourced from small producers across the country. For $20 per month, subscribers receive a delivery of curated, sample-size artisan ingredients and condiments to their doorstep every month.

With a focus on natural, small batch production items, the Hatchery team travels the country – sifting through green markets, visiting family farms and traveling dirt roads – in search of the most incredible flavors to share with their members each month. Hatchery chefs test every product sold in it’s marketplace to ensure only the best flavors are showcased in each tasting box.

Concept overview:

  • Hatchery members receive 5-6 sample-size artisan products in their tasting box each month.
  • Members can purchase full-size versions of their favorite sample products in Hatchery’s online marketplace.
  • Hatchery provides easy-to-master recipes (and even printable shopping lists) to enjoy each of the products found in each month’s tasting box.
  • Hatchery’s online magazine is full of video how-to’s, kitchen tips, chef tutorials, tastemaker profiles, producer stories and more.
  • Hatchery’s marketplace and magazine are open to everyone; however, subscription members do receive exclusive access to limited edition products, special promotions, and shipping discounts, in addition to their monthly tasting box delivery.

Hatchery founder, Max Friedman, explains, “I’m trying to change the way we shop online. My team and I have designed Hatchery to be a true sensory experience — bringing taste, smell and texture to the online shopping process. Through our monthly tasting box, people can now discover flavors they would have never experienced on their own.”

Hatchery tasting boxes include a combination of ingredients, such as: condiments, spreads, cooking sauces, jams, honeys, syrups, oils, vinegars, salts, spices, seasonings and specialty baking ingredients.

Every producer on Hatchery’s website is profiled with a photo, brief history and map showing their origin, so that shoppers know exactly where their food is coming from. While exploring Hatchery’s marketplace, customers can easily sort by producer, region, dietary preference or product category.

“We feature many new incredible recipes on our website. You can try your hand at those, or simply use our ingredients to take your favorite recipes to the next level,” Friedman says.

About Hatchery:
Hatchery enables consumers to discover artisan ingredients and new flavors from local producers across the country. For $20 per month, members are delivered a Hatchery tasting box, containing curated sample-size cooking ingredients to their doorstep every month. Hatchery also offers members the opportunity to purchase full-size versions of the products they love online.

For more information visit ShopHatchery.com