Hawthorn’s Gin awarded a Gold Medal

Hawthorn’s Gin

Hawthorn’s Gin awarded a Gold MedalRelative newcomer to the U.S. craft gin category, Hawthorn’s Gin, which was awarded a Gold Medal at the recent 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the worlds most influential of all such competitions, is continuing to make waves in the U.S despite the competition.  How are they doing this?

Hawthorn’s Gin awarded a Gold MedalHawthorn’s is an excellent British import riding the crest of the new ginvasion [sic] in America.  The young (38!) Founder, Will Turnage, who has a lifetime of experience in the spirits industry, found the recipe in his Grandfather’s wartime diaries who served as a Commander in the Royal Navy during World War II and decided to put his life’s savings into launching Hawthorn’s.  The original Hawthorn’s was not a commercial venture but the Commander found that by distilling his own gin he always had his favorite tipple to hand but he found it a useful way to boost morale amongst his men during those dark days.  Until shortly before his death aged 90, he would still walk two miles a day to buy his newspaper, play tennis three times a week and sail competitively near his home so it is no wonder that his boast of being sunk three times and never getting his feet wet was always proudly toasted at each port; “on the rocks” naturally!

There are some wonderful well-established London Dry Gins on the market that frankly, have been scaring American drinkers for many years and Hawthorn’s aim is to dispel their fear in the gin category.  Not all are bad!  These ethanol heavy, juniper-lead aroma’s (or pine flavors many will say) are not everyone’s “cup of tea” but Hawthorn’s is different. The Commander used to drink his straight and that was the premise of our creation; we wanted Hawthorn’s not just to be drinkable when sipped on the rocks but to be actually delicious.

So, whilst technically a London Dry, Hawthorn’s has been refined and mellowed. The result is a wondrous gin that is supremely smooth, oily, sweet and full of citrus notes.  Whilst the juniper is of course present, it doesn’t overpower the other more delicate botanicals and as a consequence of this it is perfect in a multitude of gin based cocktails and probably more so than any of those gins previously alluded to.  In fact, many of our customers think it is so good they are drinking it straight.

Distilled from quadruple distilled 100% English wheat, Hawthorn’s uses ten botanicals sourced from all around the globe. These are steeped for twenty-four hours to ensure all the essentials oils are extracted and then placed in the 110-year-old copper pot still.

Our Master Distiller is almost as old as the Commander was and he has been known to forget his name.  All we know is that he learnt his trade from his forefathers and he has been distilling with excellence for nearly 50 years.  The distillery, built over an ancient underground water source, has been synonymous with distilling for 120 years and we are so proud that Hawthorn’s has been awarded such a coveted prize against such a competitive field.

There are many that will argue whether the trade has a need for another $35 bottle of craft gin and aren’t the shelves crowded enough already? The answer is categorically “NO” so that is why Hawthorn’s Gin has an RRP of only $19.99.  This despite being imported English, medal winning, single batch, five times distilled gin.  What’s the catch? Well, the Commander became a fisherman after the Second World War so he probably would have answered “sea bass”.  Our answer? There is no catch and that’s why Hawthorn’s is now being distributed by some of the nations best distributors across 12 States and being used in some of the best bars, restaurants and hotels in the country.

To put it simply, Hawthorn’s is the best gin money can buy and our customers think so too:

“I like the oily coating it leaves in my mouth and the continuous flavor on the back of my throat; it’s really very, very delicious” @KINGANDDUKE

“Lovely and oily, not too dry, full of botanicals, very smooth and with a continuous mouth feel.  It leaves you wanting more”. @StCeciliaATL

Tasting notes: “Zesty and bright, with spice and coriander up front, as well as a touch of pepper in the middle, which then makes way for a fresh, sweet, yet dry leafy juniper finish”

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