Healthy Drink Mixers for the Holidays

Add a Dose of Fruit and Vegetables to Holiday Punches

Healthy Drink Mixers for the HolidaysHoliday party season is upon us once again, and as the celebrations continue so do the calorie laden foods and beverages. This season, surprise guests with some delicious twists on holiday drinks by adding a dose of health with the inclusion of all natural, 100 percent pure fruit and vegetable juices – RAAW Juices.

“Too often our holiday party circuit is filled with sugary libations, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic,” says Paul Gregg, Executive Vice President of Raw Foods International, LLC, (producers of RAAW Juices). “Instead of opting for traditional cranberry juice in mulled wine recipes, try our Cranberry Ginger juice, which contributes a new, amped up flavor profile for a truly unique twist that guests are sure to love.”

Consider swapping sugary, overly processed cranberry juice cocktail with Cranberry Ginger RAAW Juice for Cranberry Mimosas or a healthier Mulled Cranberry Wine. The fruit and root blend is known to be high in vitamin C and antioxidants, which can help cleanse and protect the immune and digestive systems – ideal for the winter months.

In addition, holiday hosts can put a unique twist on a traditional cider and create a Hot Strawberry Cider instead. The berry in RAAW Juice’s Strawberry Purple Carrot adds another layer to the sweet complex and complements the apple and cinnamon perfectly. Plus, guests will be getting a healthy dose of carrots without even realizing it. This Better Homes and Garden recipe is a perfect starting spot and instead of using all cider, swap half of the cider for Strawberry Purple Carrot RAAW Juice for a addition that is sure to ‘wow’ guests with a unique flavor profile.

Raw Foods International products are vegan, kosher, gluten free, contain no added sugars, preservatives or flavoring and are non-GMO verified.

About Raw Foods International, LLC
Since its inception in 2009, Raw Foods International, LLC, the makers of RAAW Juice, have looked for a means to attract consumers who are looking for deliciously natural alternatives when seeking a beverage from their local store shelf. With this in mind, RAAW Juices were created as a solution for 100 percent pure fruit & vegetable juice blends that are unique and distinctive from all the other natural fruit juices available today. Each RAAW Juice contains no artificial dye or flavoring, no added sugar, no water and no preservatives. In addition, each product is gluten free, vegan, kosher and non-GMO verified. The great tasting and deliciously natural fruit & juice blends can be found nationwide. For more information visit us on Facebook at “RAAW Juices,” or to locate a store with RAAW Juice products, visit