Founded by Ben Goodwin and David Lester in 2018, OLIPOP was formulated to burst with prebiotics and fiber, not sugar. Their goal isn’t to take anything away from the experience of drinking soda, but instead use natural ingredients that are proven to support the gut’s microbiome, the “good bacteria” that aids in digestion, supports immune health, and promotes overall wellness while providing the same delicious taste we know and love.


Currently, OLIPOP accounts for almost the entire revenue stream of the functional pop category, the fastest-growing segment across the entire beverage industry. Functional pop grew 360% in 2020 while traditional soda grew just 9%; within the functional pop arena, data indicates that OLIPOP is outpacing its competitors by 60x and in 2020 alone, OLIPOP increased YOY sales by 600% and added around 3,500 new points of sale to its retail footprint. Today, product is sold at upwards of 5,000 grocers and convenience stores nationwide including Whole Foods, Safeway, and Wegmans.


Unlike the traditional, sugar-filled grape sodas of yesterday, OLIPOP’s Classic Grape is made with Concord Grape concentrate and a hint of lime, making for the perfect sip for summer and beyond. Each can of Classic Grape contains just four grams of natural sugar, 45 calories and boasts nine grams of plant-based fiber.



OLIPOP’s Classic Grape will first launch online at on July 15th before making its in-store debut nationwide at Sprouts and 1,600 Kroger locations nationwide. Single cans will retail for $2.49 in-store, with 12-packs available for $36 online. For the next week, OLIPOP will be donating 5% of online sales to Mandela Grocery and The Deep, two local co-ops located in OLIPOP’s backyard of Oakland, California. Both Mandela Grocery and The Deep are worker-owned and dedicated to providing their communities with locally sourced, organic produce.