National Drink Wine Day: 7 Products To Celebrate With

Nectar of the Vine

Price: $15.00+

Nectar of the Vine offers an assortment of wine frappés perfect for wine lovers! Choose from berry wine frappés, citrus wine frappés, frozen wine frappés, fruity wine frappés, and hot wine frappés.

How to Make a Wine Frappe

Simply take one bottle of wine and equal parts water, mixed with one bag of signature frappe mix, stir, freeze and enjoy!


Hey Mama Wines

Price: $19.99 – Rosé Bubbles 4 Pack

Looking for a great gift idea for your next girlfriend’s virtual happy hour, a night watching The Bachelorette, or for that upcoming remote holiday celebration? Send the gang a set of Hey Mama Wines Rosé Bubbles and get the party started!

The new brand has found a following among “bubbly” lovers with their amazing low carb wine. It makes a great gift that’s sure to please (especially for moms who need a much-earned timeout themselves!)


ArT Wine Preserver – Argon Gas Wine Preserver

Price: $14.99

Pull out that special bottle to celebrate the day, but no need to finish it! ArT Wine Preserver keeps wine fresh for up to 30 days! This made in the USA, recyclable wine saver uses pure argon gas to displace oxygen. Argon gas is the preferred method by winemakers to prevent oxidation in wine as it’s a natural atmospheric gas that’s non- toxic and non-reactive. It makes the perfect wine preserver because it doesn’t react with your wine flavors or aromas, it simply displaces the oxygen. Bottle is recyclable after use. ArT Wine Preserver wants to eliminate waste and promote drinking in moderation in a sustainable way.


Well Told — Custom Etched Map Barware

Prices start at $14.00

This National Wine Day celebrate with a memory—where you met, first kissed, were married. . . with Well Told. Well Told is contemporary barware that features striking etched maps of any US city—you can even personalize it to celebrate a precious moment in a special place. Customers can order any etched city map design and customize it with a unique message. Mark the place and time where something very special took place. For rocks glasses, a custom text can be added to the bottom and side of the glass. Available in every type of glass – from Rocks to Champagne to Pints–each is meticulously designed and made in the USA with eco-friendly manufacturing in mind. All glassware can also be customized to fit the perfect mood, event and vision. (If interested in a sample, please send me preferred glass and city.)



Price: $14.99

What’s the most difficult part of being a wine enthusiast? If you said waiting for your favorite beverage to aerate, you’re not alone. Although a proper wine needs time to breathe in order to bring out luscious flavors and aromas that make every sip more enjoyable, life would be a lot simpler if the process didn’t take so long.


The wait is over for wine drinkers thanks to WINEWISK™. The newest aerator on the market attaches to the rim of your glass. Swirl your wine, make bubbles, and release your wine’s full potential.


Wine Snob Socks from Lavley

Price: $9.95

These colorful wine themed socks are a perfect present idea for any wine aficionado! The stylish design features a sharp pattern of wine bottles and has a funny hidden message on the bottom: “Wine Snob”. They’re a fun way to show off your passion for wine, and the design fits in whether you’re working at the office, or at home enjoying a glass! Lavley socks are designed to hold up for years of wears and washes without fading while remaining soft, comfortable and well fitting. Also available on Amazon.


Sommelier Board from Left Coast Original

Price: $33.00

Left Coast Original is the premier creator of heirloom quality custom leather, canvas and bamboo goods.  The depth of customization offered by Left Coast Original is unparalleled. From classic engraving to ink infusion, you can keep it simple with adding initials or a date to your gift, or get as fancy as stamping a cherished photo or engraving a meaningful quote. Left Coast Original wants each and every piece they thoughtfully create, to be that bespoke gift that will be used and appreciated for years to come.The Sommelier Boards are reserved for wine aficionados. This board shows off your favorite bottle with a display that is simple yet elegant. Made from architectural bamboo, they’re then finished off with a homemade Board Butter made from food safe mineral oil and beeswax.