5 Rave-Worthy Valentine’s Day Gifts

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many are scrambling to shop for that perfect gift for all the ones they hold so dear. Amid the time crunch, below is a quick list of tried-and-true gift ideas that’ll duly express your love, adoration and appreciation to another.

Presrv Black Stainless Dual Zone Wine Cooler (www.AJMadison.com)
Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any home improvement is the Zephyr Presrv 24-inch Black Stainless Steel Dual Zone Wine Cooler that is as sleek and chic as it is technologically sophisticated. This under-counter wine and beverage cooler maintains two distinct temperature zones and features Zephyr technology and design advancements. Active Cooling Technology circulates the air and offers a consistent and even temperature throughout the entire cavity. An on-board computer controls active cooling fans to provide temperature stability and even cooling throughout the system. Unlike other wine coolers on the market, Presrv is extremely quiet and uses a Vibration Dampening System to ensure noise and vibration are reduced to minimize wine disturbance. The unit is constructed with dual-pane, argon-filled glass, which improves insulation to minimize heat exchange and further increase soundproofing. Full-extension black wood racks also allow for easy access to wine bottles in the back—an annoyance I’m thrilled to eliminate from wine coolers I’ve experienced from other manufacturers. Presrv racks glide out effortlessly and are made of wood with stainless steel trim for a modern design element. The lustrous black stainless steel material also adds a sophisticated touch to the home bar, office or walk-in closet with its solid titanium finish. Additional features include three color LED lighting in Cloud White, Deep Blue and Amber, Electronic Capacitive Touch Controls and a Door-Open Alarm.

Vagnbys Wine Table Tower Aerator (www.EthanAshe.com)
Here’s a gift with panache. A stellar piece to fully experience the intricate bouquet of red wines, the Vagnbys Wine Table Tower is an all-in-one accessory for aerating and serving wine beautifully. It’s striking in stature with a tall glass decanter held aloft elegantly with a stainless-steel stand extending from a slip-proof, reinforced slate base. The rain filter function aerates and releases a wine’s flavors and essences as it is poured into the vessel, readying them for the palate. Designed to protect wine from unwanted germs or insects, the Vagnbys Wine Table Tower allows liquid to breathe and properly decant with small holes situated around the rim. The easy-to-use spout enables guests to neatly and uniquely serve themselves. At the end of an evening, if the wine is not fully consumed, the lightweight glass vessel of the Vagnbys Wine Table Tower is easy to lift and pour back into the bottle for another day’s enjoyment. It’s a true showpiece for any table setting and a delight for entertainers and guests alike.

PINEA 2017 Vintage Wine (www.WineSmithCo.com)
Let’s face it. Wine always makes a fine gift choice. After three years of anticipation following its initial U.S. debut, the 2017 PINEA is ready to pour. This vintage is made with 100 percent Tempranillo grapes from vines 40-100 years old at PINEA’s 80-acre estate in Spain’s famed Ribera del Duero winemaking region. PINEA’s debut vintage 2014 made its U.S. market entry in the fall of 2017 and became an instant success due to its elegant flavor profile and lifted complex aromatics. The following year, PGA Tour pro Sergio Garcia served it during his 2018 Masters Champions dinner, which helped fuel demand from top restaurants throughout the world. Following PINEA’s immediate success and international acclaim, the team—led by founders Hugo Del Pozzo and Vicente Pliego along with winemaker and master oenologist Isaac Fernandez—went back to work to produce its next great vintage. The 2017 PINEA is characterized by abundant floral and fruit aromatics, the result of daunting weather conditions during the 2017 season, during which the Ribera del Duero experienced its worst freeze in 25-plus years. Following meticulous grape selection, careful vinification and 20 months of aging in new French oak barrels, the 2017 vintage of PINEA shows an abundance of black fruits, blackberries, blueberries and cherries that integrate seamlessly with the smoky and spicy nuances of coffee, bitter cocoa, black pepper, clove and tobacco. It creates a sense of marked depth, complexity and elegant texture on the palate. And, its opulent and majestic base reveals soft tannins and boldness in fruit. This makes it remarkably generous for near-term drinking, while also rewarding patient cellaring. Its deep ruby red color suggests a round, complex and balanced wine that highlights the maximum potential of Tempranillo at its finest.

Luxe Cuddle Scarf Mask (www.CoolingFaceCover.com)
We all know we need to mask up while at bars, restaurants and any shared hospitality space. The Luxe Cuddle Scarf Mask from SEAS is a quintessential Valentine’s Day statement piece amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It’ll allow the lucky recipient to stay safe, yet cuddly, cozy and fashionable. Doubling as a comfy neck scarf and face covering, this mask is made from Luxe Cuddle Mink fabric and is 100 percent polyester. Developed in the United States, it offers a streamlined fit and adjustable ear loops for easy pull-up access when necessary. SEAS products are designed to not fog glasses, smudge makeup or irritate the skin. The company believes the best face covering is one that is comfortable, effective and practical—one you actually wear consistently without griping about putting on before going out into the world. Despite the plush outer layer, the Luxe Cuddle Scarf Mask is machine washable followed by a tumble dry.

Shearling Top Covers & Ramble Insole Kit (www.TreadLabs.com)
Here’s a practical way to show your love for someone indelibly on their feet in the kitchen or dining room. Help someone up the comfort of all their shoes by adding that missing support. The Ramble Insole Kit from Tread Labs includes one pair of arch supports and three different styles of swappable Shearling Top Covers—each of which is made for different shoes. Tread Labs’ two-part insole system lets you attach regular top covers for running and hiking shoes, thin top covers for cycling and casual shoes and short top covers for dress shoes and other tight-fitting footwear. Tread Labs unique, two-part insole system is designed for the long haul. The molded arch supports are unconditionally guaranteed for what the company claims to be forever, as they are “built to last a million miles.” The interchangeable top covers are easy to replace and also won’t break the bank. Plus, if the arch supports ever break or lose their shape, you can contact Tread Labs and they will send you a new pair without hesitation. The included top covers allow wearers to experience the comfort and warmth of genuine wool shearling beneath the feet. Incredibly soft, natural shearling warms cold feet and adds a measure of luxury to all footwear. These limited-edition top covers are compatible with every Tread Labs arch support and attach with low profile hook and loop. With normal usage, the replaceable top covers will last roughly a year. You can replace your top covers whenever you need by ordering a new pair.


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