Heineken® Launches “Sunrise” Campaign to Support Responsible Consumption

HEINEKEN today launched the latest phase in its global approach to encourage the responsible consumption of its brands. The new theme, titled “Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers” continues to use Heineken, the world’s most international premium beer brand, to deliver and reinforce this important message.

This initiative is an integral part of the award winning “Open Your World” global campaign, which celebrates and encourages aspirational behaviors among adult consumers.  HEINEKEN has chosen to launch this program during the holiday season to maximize the relevance, attention and impact of the message. Millions of adult consumers across the globe will be the first to see this responsible consumption initiative via Heineken’s YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, Heineken.com , as well as broadcast.

Alexis Nasard, Chief Commercial Officer, HEINEKEN, said:  “HEINEKEN has both the opportunity and the responsibility to encourage moderate drinking. This approach breaks from the norm of traditional responsible consumption messages and takes a progressive stance by showing that drinking responsibly can be aspirational.  ‘Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers’ is a natural next step in our long term commitment to encouraging responsible consumption.”

“Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers” will be executed through the use of various online and offline media channels, with strong emphasis on social media. In the 85 second film “The Sunrise”, Heineken’s legendary hero demonstrates how to celebrate the night to the fullest, including turning down a beer and choosing a bottle of water instead.
Cyril Charzat, Senior Director, Global Heineken Brand, added:  “In the film, our ‘man of the world’ brings to life the powerful idea that there are no limits, when you know your limits. We want to show that enjoying Heineken in moderation can be an integral part of connecting and engaging with friends, meeting new people and exploring new experiences.”

This program has been preceded and supported by a series of integrated experiential and digital activities. Starting on November 28, the campaign was unveiled through a teaser in four cities across the globe: London, Ho Chi Minh, Rio de Janiero and San Francisco.  Sofas featuring the hashtag #MYSUNRISE were strategically placed in locations that offered the best sunrise view. Consumers were encouraged to post photos of their best sunrise moments, tagging them #MYSUNRISE and then sending them to the Heineken Facebook page.