Manufacturing Partnerships Drive New Ingredient Flavors and Formats That Meet Consumer Demand for Elevated Products

In the fast-paced and ever-changing foodservice industry, innovation reigns supreme, and collaboration has emerged as a powerful catalyst for success. Hershey Foodservice, a leader in the culinary world, understands the importance of joining forces with trusted partners to create exceptional menu offerings that delight consumers. Their successful partnership with David’s Cookies serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, proving that it is the key ingredient to achieving greatness.

Industry Collaboration: Hershey Foodservice’s Key to Menu Innovation

Product and menu development for companies can be challenging. But, when putting great culinary teams and minds together, successful results are easier and more exciting. David’s Cookies partnership with Hershey’s Foodservice has proven that when creating experiences for our mutual partners, collaboration is key, and has surely become a sweet recipe for success!” says Luis Florencia, VP of New Business Development at David’s Cookies.

One of the significant advantages of collaboration is the ability to expand product portfolios without the need for extensive research and development investments. By collaborating with other consumer-trusted brands, we can introduce innovative ingredients and flavors to our menus. Notably, consumers have shown their willingness to pay a premium of up to $1.50 for a Hershey’s branded dessert*, making these collaborations financially rewarding as well.

However, the success of these partnerships goes beyond financial gains. Hershey Foodservice emphasizes the importance of establishing trusted relationships with manufacturers who align with their product portfolio and share their R&D culture and corporate values. The synergy between Hershey and their partners enhances the likelihood of a successful collaboration, fostering an environment where culinary creativity and innovation can flourish.

From their experiences, Hershey Foodservice has gained valuable insights that can guide others in their collaborative endeavors. One key lesson is the importance of setting realistic expectations and being patient with the creative process. Culinary innovation cannot be rushed; it requires careful thought and the freedom to explore ideas without constraints.

Instead of viewing collaboration as a risk or alignment with competitors, Hershey Foodservice sees it as an opportunity to bring fresh perspectives and expertise to the table. By pooling resources, knowledge, and skills with their partners, Hershey can create truly remarkable products and experiences that benefit both parties involved.

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Ultimately, collaboration has a profound impact on Hershey Foodservice’s bottom line. It drives profitability, enhances customer satisfaction, and unlocks opportunities for premium pricing. Consumers are increasingly drawn to unique and elevated dining experiences, and they are willing to pay more for exceptional quality and recognizable brands like Hershey’s. Through partnerships with manufacturers, Hershey Foodservice can deliver on these expectations and create memorable moments for their customers.

Ultimately, collaboration stands as the driving force behind menu innovation in the foodservice industry. Hershey Foodservice fully embraces this collaborative mindset, recognizing the immense value it brings. By working together with trusted industry partners, Hershey can expand its product offerings, meet consumer demands, and drive success for all involved. Let us wholeheartedly embrace the power of collaboration, unlocking a world of endless possibilities and achieving sweet success.

* Hershey Proprietary Research on Dessert Delivery and Takeout, Technomic, Inc., 2021

By Jenna Kolanda, Corporate Chef at The Hershey Company