Holiday Beer Pairing Suggestions From North Coast Brewing Co.

Holiday Beer Pairing Suggestions From North Coast Brewing Co.With the holidays approaching and winter weather in full swing, beer drinkers are fully embracing the season and hunkering down with rich stouts and porters. So when hefty holiday meals and appetizers are served, light and fruity beers are often overlooked. That’s why North Coast Brewing Company suggests mixing up your beer pairing choices this holiday season with something a little unexpected.

An alternative to traditional winter porters and stouts is a delicious farmhouse ale, such as North Coast Brewing’s Le Merle Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale. The invigorating smoothness of a farmhouse ale will do wonders when paired with seasonal desserts like pies, cookies and cakes.

Mark Ruedrich, North Coast Brewing Company’s President and Co-founder, recommends the brewery’s Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse as a fresh take on a seasonal beer. This particular Berliner Weisse blends the juices of Oregon cranberries with the pear-like quince for a tangy and fruity brew that still has enough richness to complement a holiday meal. And, because this particular beer mixes floral fragrance with acidity, Ruedrich finds it an ideal cheese board pairing. To bring out the flavors of the beer, Ruedrich’s go-tos for his cheese board include a baked brie as well as Milton Creamery Flory’s Truckle cheese and Cheddar Prairie Breeze.

Some ales, such as North Coast Brewing’s PranQster Belgian Style Golden Ale, also offer a fruity aroma, but without a sweet or tart finish. Because the PranQster has a full body and a clean finish, it perfectly complements a hardy pot roast or stew.

Ready to mix things up? This holiday season, when there are snacks and beer choices abound, opt for refreshing, alternative beer options to shake up traditional meals.