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Home Beverage System Launches CO₂ Refill Solution

Home Beverage System Launches CO₂ Refill Solution Innovative Refill System Announced for Carbon Dioxide Cylinders Used in Home Cold-Beverage Makers

Home Beverage System Launches CO₂ Refill SolutionFREEHOLD, N.J. – After five years of development, accumulating an intellectual property portfolio of issued and pending patents, trademarks and web domains, Fountain Master® is set to introduce several new products in the at-home, cold-beverage market. The first of these will be the launch of the company’s CO₂GO™ Filling Stations, which provide home beverage users the convenience of refilling their CO₂ cylinders for under $10.

The CO₂GO™ Filling Station is an automated vending machine that refills CO₂GO™ branded CO₂ cylinders. Similar in size and function to a Redbox machine, CO₂GO™ Filling Stations will be placed in locations easily accessible to the public, including local grocery stores, pharmacies and food markets. CO₂GO™ cylinders will be compatible not only with the Fountain Master® cold-beverage system, but with other countertop beverage systems, including SodaStream sparkling beverage makers and Samsung refrigerators. A fall 2016 launch is expected on a regional basis with a nationwide expansion to follow.

“Instead of trying to recreate a CO₂ cylinder exchange system to work with our beverage makers, similar to what SodaStream uses, we simply decided to find a better way to provide consumers with an affordable, convenient way to purchase and refill their CO₂ cylinders,” explains Frank Tansey, founder and chief executive officer of Fountain Master®.

Fountain Master® is currently developing strategic partnerships with high-traffic retailers including grocery stores, big-box retailers and convenience/drug stores to co-locate the filling stations in easily accessible store properties that highlight CO₂GO™ visibility and increase consumer access to CO₂ cylinder refills. Automated processes, strategic partnerships and new internet technologies will limit machine service costs and consumer retail costs.

Once the company’s CO₂GO™ Filling Stations are available nationwide, Fountain Master® will then launch its patented Single and Multi-Serve Cold Beverage Maker within the marketplace. The system will be available in the spring of 2017 with home units selling for under $140. The Fountain Master® cold-beverage maker will introduce never-before-seen IoT (Internet of Things) technologies in a countertop appliance including integrated Wi-Fi, multiple sensors, a smartphone app, data-sharing with third-party interfaces, behavior insight and analysis on consumers’ beverage consumption, automated notifications and inventory tracking.

About Fountain Master

Fountain Master® LLC  was founded in 2011 as the manufacturer of a revolutionary new single-serve, cold-beverage dispensing appliance and CO₂ cylinder filling stations. Fountain Master® will change the way people buy and consume cold-beverages. Rather than stocking up on cumbersome and expensive cases of drinks, Fountain Master® offers an all-in-one solution for virtually all cold-beverage needs in a household. Innovative technologies will be used to create cold beverages in a variety of carbonated or non-carbonated drinks, such as fruit juices, vegetable juices, sports drinks, energy drinks, vitamin waters, protein drinks, iced coffees, iced teas, seltzers and sodas.

Background/biography information regarding Frank Tansey and the Fountain Master® team may be viewed by at clicking here.

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