How AUTEC’s Sushi Making Concepts Can Work for Your Operation

By Ryan Slattery

In restaurant kitchens across America, sushi robots are redefining the culinary landscape, seamlessly blending automation with the age-old art of sushi preparation. AUTEC’s high-tech automated machines work in tandem with chefs aiding them with some of the more time-consuming components of sushi making, allowing chefs to focus on other tasks.

“By streamlining the sushi making process, our sushi robots meticulously handle laborious and straightforward tasks, allowing chefs to dedicate more time to the artisanal aspects of sushi creation,” explains Steven Lim, a West Coast Sales Representative for AUTEC. “This separation of duties ensures that traditional sushi-making’s integrity is preserved, enabling chefs to innovate and elevate their craft.”

More than 3,000 locations are currently utilizing AUTEC’s sushi robot line including cruise lines, casinos, school cafeterias and universities, grocery stores, and large sports venues like Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles.

The product line offers a turnkey, comprehensive solution with robots capable of handling various steps of the sushi making process starting with the preparation of sushi rice–a traditionally labor-intensive task when done manually, especially in large quantities.

AUTEC’s Fujimak rice cooker, for example, can swiftly cook 30 cups of rice in just 30 minutes. The rice can then be transferred to a rice mixer which precisely mixes up to 40 cups of rice with sushi seasonings in as little time as three to five minutes. In total, the entire process of making sushi rice is reduced to approximately 45 minutes, a process that can take upwards of two hours when done manually.

Other specialty products include: 

  • The Maki Maker: a rice sheeter which can produce 20 sushi rolls in four minutes, compared to 12 minutes when done manually. 
  • The Maki Cutter: a robot and one operator can produce 20 sushi rolls in 2.5 minutes. Without the technology’s assistance, it would take a single staff member approximately 10 minutes to cut the same number of rolls.

“Our sushi-making technology empowers chefs to excel by automating and optimizing the most time-consuming aspects of sushi preparation,” Lim says. “Our machines can produce rice sheets and cut rolls more quickly and consistently, allowing for greater focus on creative presentation and innovative recipe development.”  

The machines themselves are easy to use as well. Takuro Iwamoto, a company sales representative, says users need only a brief training period to be able to operate the machine efficiently.

“By automating the most labor-intensive tasks—such as sushi rice mixing, rice forming, and roll cutting—our machines enable users to produce sushi with precision consistently,” Iwamoto explains. “The sushi robots not only make sushi preparation more accessible to novices but also enhance the efficiency of seasoned chefs.”

Sales and Marketing Representative Alex Ito adds that the machines are also beneficial to experienced sushi chefs allowing for large-scale production during peak dining periods or when handling large orders for banquets or other events.

In addition to being user friendly, operators have found that the sushi robots produce sushi with uniform consistency while minimizing waste. Upon purchase, AUTEC works closely with the client to determine its needs taking into account the size of the kitchen, the amount of employees they have, menu complexity, and production volume, to recommend the most suitable machine configuration.

“Our goal,” says Lim, “is to ensure that every kitchen, regardless of size or style, can benefit from our sushi robots’ precision and efficiency, enhancing their operations and culinary offerings.” 

But not only does AUTEC tailor their concepts to each individual’s kitchen size, they work with operators post purchase as well. 

“We take pride in our active role, providing ongoing support and timely information to ensure our customers can fully leverage the capabilities of our technology,” Iwamoto says. “This commitment keeps their operations at the forefront of efficiency and innovation, fostering a strong and lasting partnership.”