HOW CAN YOU TRAVEL WITH YOUR DOG ON THE FLIGHT?A dog is one of the most loyal animals of an individual. You cannot just leave your dog behind while traveling around. Most of us have the perception that we are not allowed to take dogs with us on-board. What if we tell you that this is the half side of the story, you can surely take your pet with you. Taking your dog with you makes your travel an amazing experience. It allows you to make new friends easily once you take your pets for a walk. However, before you plan on taking your best friend with you, there is some planning which you need to do before traveling.


Choose the places with the perfect climate for you and your dog especially. Although dogs can immediately adapt to the newer climate but do not take a risk for your short trip. However, if you feel it necessary to visit a place that has an uncomfortable climate for the dog, then take the essential accessories to make your dog comfortable like sweaters, jackets, boots, shoes or others to keep your dog safe and sound.


Once you have planned the destination, search for all the regulations that a country imposes for taking your dog to a different destination. Most European countries which are rabies-free, just need proof of rabies vaccination for your dog. However, if a country is not rabies-free, then you need to show the proof of recent antibodies test for rabies. Other than that you need to show the veterinary certificates, import permit and specific rabies test for Australia. You need to show these efforts before traveling a new destination to avoid any hassle of losing your dog or getting it locked up.


Now, let’s talk about travel options. There are various modes of transportation, but let’s talk about traveling on a plane. The size of your dog matters a lot as this shows whether it can be takin within the cabin, as cargo flight or checked baggage because airlines have different regulations for weight and size. Other than this, you are not allowed to play with your dog in flight, it needs to stay in a kennel or bag. You need the proper equipment to carry the dog for which you’ll need an (IATA) International Air Transportation Association approved travel crate.


Once you have reached the destination, you need a pet-friendly place to stay. Choose websites that you can search for pet-friendly hotels which offers you different places to stay with your dog and enjoy a memorable experience.  You can take help from which makes sure to provide you with personalized services and that too with amazing traveling experience.

Traveling with your dogs offer you a memorable experience if you listen to your dog. Spend time with your dog while taking him for walks so that they can adapt rapidly to the environment. Make sure that the dog is well hydrated to avoid any dehydration and keep a strict check on its diet