How to Build Your Brand Through Social Media Interactions

When NFL player David Clowney of the Carolina Panthers was in Cincinnati for a pre-season game against the Bengals, he asked for restaurant recommendations on Twitter. The Cincinnati Morton’s the Steakhouse tweet team, based at integrated marketing agency, Ideopia, was all ears. They tweeted the @Mortons_Cinci recommendation and one tweet later, he and his teammates were wined and dined at Morton’s and sharing the experience with thousands of followers.

A brief interaction on social media can turn big profits. And the first step in communication is listening—or looking. Seek out opportunities to spark conversation by fishing for related posts and searching keywords. A hungry, high profile athlete may be easier to spot than a couple inviting anniversary dinner suggestions, but both are equally important.

Consumers must be approached on their own terms on the media they use and connecting customers to your brand means interacting with them in one-on-one conversations. There are endless outreach avenues; host a contest, encourage people to review your products or services, or simply ask a question to generate discussion.

Capitalize on word-of-mouth by re-tweeting or re-posting when people share their experiences about your business. Follow followers and respond when your brand is mentioned. A simple “thank you” can go a long way too. Communication builds trust, cultivates long-term relationships and provides customers with ways to spread your brand.

It’s also important to monitor the effectiveness of your social media sites. Evaluate the efficiency of your strategies by using web analysis tools like Google Analytics. Toss the duds, repeat the successes and enjoy mingling.